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>Seriously, though, fuck off
Oh shit man you really burned that guy

That was kinda mean dude

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Let's play a game /tg/
Basically, you post names of shit and add fluff to names posted by other people. Doesn't have to be people, could be monsters, locations, events, organizations... go nuts.
Pic completely and totally unrelated.
>I'll go first
>Count Thrashwoode

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Bump for my favourite setting.

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-A techie

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Ugh, I have been meaning to update that one for a while but keep forgetting about it. Also XCOM.

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OH, that's... funny. So instead of reading it as they have a four and up invulnerable save, you're reading it as a plus four invulnerable save, which means it's interpreted as a three and up invulnerable save. Ha, that's clever.

And I'd beat you with the 6th edition hard-cover if you tried to use it in a game.

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I have an idea, /tg/.
But I have no idea how feasible it is, or if it'd be any fun at all.
The basic idea would be you have your party with the PCs, and they start out in a town and get rumours etc that lead to quests. But, the characters (both player and non) are represented with Warhammer figures in a Warhammer environment. Long journeys and whatnot would take place on a world/province map. The players would be able to hire mercenaries (Empire State Troops perhaps, for example?) that would, in combat, be under the employing player's control, so long as that player's character stays within 1-2 inches of the mercenaries. The scenery used would depend on the area the event is taking place, and the DM's imagination.
I imagine scene changes could be annoying, and I guess cost could be an issue too. But what do you guys think?
Pic unrelated.

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A bald man with half his face burnt off (left side of the face, with the scorching going over the forehead to the right about halfway). He got half a beard (since the left part of his face is still, indeed burnt), about 10-20 cm/4-8'' long and half a mustach. He's got a big smile on his face, despite the wounds that is quite fresh. He's got a thick neck due to having a fair amount of muscle, but he is not a no-neck.

Pic unrelated, I just find it hilarious.

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Sup /tg/

Me and 4 of my buddies are complete newcomers to Pen n paper RPG's and we're currently looking for a good "beginner" game. Any suggestions?

Also, we found a used Dragon Age RPG Set 1 that some bro near me is selling. Any idea if this is a good start or i should avoid it?

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>>Sister of Battles
>Sisters of Battle
>>Sister of Battle
>Sisters of Battle

Wait a minute....
>>Sister of Battles

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I agree with all of those except the scout shotguns, really I don't see the point in taking the shotgun.

damn it captcha wtf?

>continuous ticeafor

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