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>American media in general barely tolerates Homosexuality as is.
Then why is it so liberally sprinkled in so many new products?
Face it, being gay/trans is the new flavor of the month to attract new customers.

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My party works for an old magic library. I'm a Magus with swords on my wrists, my pal is a LG holy guy. A third guy was not prompt in arrival, but, basically, think Iron Man (warlock war-robot).

Looking for holy stuff lost in this town. Turns out this town got sick from Bubonic way back, now bubonic hits again. Why? Sick boys and girls got no burial post Bubonic. Spirits got mad, boys and girls now un-un-living. Boys and girls attack town, town caught Bubonic again. Holy bro aids town as much as his god allows (Lvl. 4), Iron man shows up IRL, my Magus finds him, informs him and both of us go to town from our library.

Night falls, and fog rolls around us. Ill Spirits have gas form and surround party. Shocking grasp works good against spirits, and victory! Holy guys from town bury all husks of ill kids and hand us quality books of gods.

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>polish and whet his sword

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>accomplishing anything

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I know, I couldn't make it perfect, but I tried.

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I’m not kidding, just hear me out. You want to mess with them right?

As it turns to night have something they can’t see throw balls of caked mud and muck at the players. It will do nothing to them right now. No damage, no magical properties, nothing. When they go to find the assailant they are attacked by swamp creatures, large rodents, snakes hanging off of trees.

Once they exit the swamp move onto another form of terrain have them get attacked by mobs of wild nocturnal creatures midday, every encounter unleveled with every new wave working its way closer to be on level until they wash the mud off, or get into a town. Maybe even through one overleveled encounter when they near a town if you are feeling sadistic. If they haven't washed themselves off have a townsperson mention a crazy, paranoid, hermit alchemist who lives in the swamp who scare off travelers with mud balls that cause wild animal attacks.
If they somehow see the alchemist have it be a decent fight, and if they kill him, have him set himself and anything nearby (PCs, rats, etc) on fire out of spite. Have the flaming animals run through the swamp setting methane pockets ablaze so the PCs have to press on. Once they move on continue to do the animal thing.

If they return to the swamp have visible flames at night (methane pockets) and chunks of forestation burned down. There should be a heavy bandit presence this time around, more dangerous than it was before.

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So we shall

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Please let Blackbolt show up and wreck everyone's shit.

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Eh, it was hardly a derail, just three posts, one of which vanished. Anyway yeah, it sucks when players take the opportunity to steal trip codes. That's why I hide mine in my Bat-butt.

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>"That's really is just a pleasantry, not a right."

/tg/'s offical motto.

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From standin on the altar preachin',
To drivin' some of the hottest cars in Europe has ever seen,
For droppin' some of the hottest verses rap has ever heard,
From the dope spot, with the smoke pot,
Fleein' the hipster scene, you know me well,
From nightmares of a lonely cell, my only hell,
But since when y'all wiggaz know me to fail?

Fuck naw!

Where all my wiggaz with the money slips, drink shots,
And if you with me mom I rub on your tits, and what-not,
I'm from the school of the hard knocks, we must not,
Let outsiders violate our blocks, and my plot
Let's stick up the world and split it fifty/fifty, uh-huh,
Let's take the dough and stay real jiggy, uh-huh
And sip the cris' and get pissy-pissy,
Flow infinitely like the memory of my momma, biggie, baby!
You know it's hell when I come through,
The life and times of Bill Gates,
Neckbeard volume 2, y'all fa/tg/uys get ready!

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>Roll fort or shit your pants, just because.

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>"I wanna play X!"
>X doesn't make sense in the setting and most likely will result in death
>Completely fuck over the player for funsies


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A friend once did a kicked rites on precursor and copied it to boot. I put Pyrohemia in play and then Repercussion. I had 1 Red mana left.

This was my exact face.

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Thanks bro

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I can safely say without arrogance that I had single handedly raised a regular long-term roleplaying group entirely off of 4E.

It helped a lot as a gateway RPG, and with some gentle DM coercing over a period of two or three years, helped make a great group of roleplayers who really get into their shit.

My group loves 4E a lot, even though they themselves are also able to see the game's flaws.

Just recently we started a brand new game using Pathfinder, kind of as a breath of fresh air and in order to broaden their horizons (since 4E is mainly all they knew). And the first few sessions were received with very positive feedback.

Specifically, they mentioned:

-How the difference between combat and spellcasting was more obvious at first glance
-How combat was far deadlier, and involved a greater risk.
-How combat moved at a bit of a faster pace, since everyone's role was more straightforward and easier to execute (as a Lv1 character anyway).

Though they love Pathfinder now, they still love 4E (one member of the group DMs his own game another night of the week. I also play in it, he's learned a whole lot).

I conclude that both 3.5 (or any incarnation) and 4E, or any edition of DnD, has something great and very different to offer between each of them.

There's no reason why we can't enjoy them all.

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less stupid than chainswords

I approve

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