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>There's an english translation in the works, according the the editor's website.

Nope, I asked directly to the editor + talked about it with the author himself on a forum he often browses but this 10 pages translation is only here to attract some foreign publishing society.
Some english or american editors were really interested by the book a few years ago but the French editors fucked things up by not replying to mails for a long time, which led the foreign editor to stop the negociations. Jaworski was really disappointed by the way his editors handle the translation matter.

>Jaworski wrote a lot of short stories

Yeah, they're awesome too.

>The first twist was what got me completely hooked.
Same here. I was completely speechless with this fucking || surprise assassination || at the end of chapter 1. And every chapter is a little gem in itself. The two last ones, particularly, were breathtaking. Couldn't stop reading for a second, I had to know what was coming in the next page.
Never been that hooked on a book before, at least not on a fantasy book.

Did you know that the author is currently working a ttrpg in this book's setting, by the way? I have to admit, I'm hyped as fuck.

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Here is the translation of the 10 first pages of Gagner la Guerre.

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Best fantasy book I've read in my life. Never translated in English, unfortunately.

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