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"Good, we can work with this. I need information on the factions. Who would be the easiest to frame for this? Who are the biggest dicks we won't feel bad for framing? Who/what could we attack to frame them?” you ask.

“Out of all of them? The undead. It syncs up nicely with the fact that the Draugr is an undead itself, plus if it means ridding the forest the West of Fort Hope then I’m all for it.” Marina replies. “As for what to attack, I’ll need to get more information for that.”

“Good idea. Last thing we need is another Necromancer to turn an entire village.” you reply.

“We’ll need to work the crowds. We need people asking who could have made the thing. Have fingers pointed at groups other than the Succubi, so when we launch our own attack, people will already be thinking along the lines we need them to." you reply.

“The great thing about Succubi is that nearly any caste can do that well, but Ayarians would excel at it. Gemelli’s would be useful here for their informational resources. The Okarian Library is a bit lacking for recent events.” Marina replies.

“Yes that’s true isn’t it? It must be so useful being the queen of a race where literally all of your subjects have the ability to work crowds and shapeshift by default.” Shiva says.

“Better than just knowing how to punch stuff in the face all the time...” Nalika mutters under her breath.

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"No! No! It's fine! I'm just...a practical lady, and I find my overly large mammary glands often impede my own comfort." you reply.

“Yes, as a mortal woman you are quiet well endowed.” Samantha replies.

“Can you bring me breakfast and a change of clothing, today will be busy." you tell her.

“But of course. I already have your breakfast here milady.” Samantha says putting down the tray, showing it to have toast, eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, a small set of things to make tea with, in addition to a large glass of orange coloured liquid you’ve never seen before. “I’ll prepare you clothing right away milady.”

Hm... You are somewhat curious to talk to Samantha about questions on what it’s like to be a Pride Demon pe- I mean Maid. But you can also use this time to plan out the days events. Like how to shake off anyone who may be following you... On the bright side, Imps can deliver messages and you’re clear to cast that even as mortal Brooklyn.

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>not really a succubus, but close enough

And that's all I got without getting explicit.

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Would vampire girls count as monstergirls, or just as regular vampires since they're a traditional fantasy staple?

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