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In a game of Black Crusade, our fleshcrafter has come up with the idea to take a Tau planet to mess around with, and our GM mentioned that Tau might be descended from animals similar to cattle and goats, meaning that with some genetic modification, we could theoretically create a livestock race from them, as well as use those similar genes to create beastmen from them. Just how difficult might this be to pull off on a planetary scale should we actually take a world/colony ship from the Tau?
We're aware of the darker imllications of this, but this came from one of the three Slaaneshi players, so it's an idea bound for horror regardless.

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and forgot my image

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Tau aren't likely, but I could still see it happening.

Necrons are obviously off the hook because they have no souls to possess, and very little for the Chaos Gods to latch on otherwise - Necrons don't have many excesses or senses of pleasure, their stratagems are just doing the motions of plans from millions of years ago, their warfare is done by rote and without anger.

The Tyranids don't have much emotion to latch on to obviously, beyond the instinctive. No blood but acidic alien ichor, no scheming beyond alien cunning, any plague will be defeated by rapid evolution and immunity, and there's nothing to tempt. And while this is just guesswork, I imagine the Hive Mind is the equivalent of an electric fence for the Chaos Gods. You can go ahead and try and grab it, but there's so much energy constantly moving back and forth that they'll get shocked by it.

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>The dark city of the dark eldar lies in under constant threat, Vect and his cabal work to maintain khaine's gate, as it buckles under the might of chaos, lady Malys constantly warring with him as his forces grow depleted.
>The gate's chamber grows worse every day, human blanks strapped to strange machines tirelessly keeping the powers beyond in check, as more forces are diverted by the day to garrison it.
>Constantly the warriors within face the threat of chaos, the ruinous powers whispering into the minds of beasts and eldar alike
>However, some of the flesh crafted beasts seem unbowed by this, standing as if nothing were wrong at all, the patchy, blue creatures created of a small, and insignificant upstart empire.
>Gaining word of this, vect decides that more of these are necessary, chaos resistant warriors to fight for him in the oncoming Armageddon.
>Elsewhere, the tau muster on their worlds, readying to fight humanity, ancient and long forgotten webway gates stuttering to life.

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The problem with this, as always, is scale. I would agree that a billion worlds is actually more reasonable with the Imperium, but with Sautekh there, you'd have to have his 500 worlds spread out so far, to have that painted zone be reasonable.

I really just wish Geedubs would unfuck their scaling. Imperial guard regiments just being a couple thousand soldiers, and space marines just being 1,000 soldiers is horrible.

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It isn't, the Tau win every war with the Imperium. It's time to be stubborn and hateful.

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>mfw no Daemon formation to drop THEIR invuln saves

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>GW fluff
They can keep it. So can you. The imperium has multiple makes of boltguns. Just like we have different kinds of guns that all shoot 9mm. Some are for people with bigger hands, some are for people with smaller hands.
In conclusions you are the retardedest.

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Like this.

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Corrupted Tau are cannon. There was even a conversion guide in WD for making them.

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Ive got a 40K-realted problem that I need some help with.

See, I have issues in choosing a single army and just running with it I know most things about all the armies, and how they both are while gaming and collecting - but to me, the Collecting, converting and painting aspect is the most important. Yet, I just keep on changing the Army I want to play. I find something that bothers me, or that I think I can do better with another army, and there you go!

>one week Necrons
>Space Marines the next
>then Chaos and Chaos Space Marines
>then Dark Eldar
>Then 'nids
>back to one of the aforementioned armies, rinse and repeat in a different pattern

I wreaking havoc on my wallet, so I come to ask:

Just how the hell do you settle on playing one army?

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>implying Tau aren't gates to the warp

If a bolter, tree, rock, or a machine can be possessed - then anything with no spirit presence like the Tau could be physically corrupted too.

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>daemons CAN'T possess or take over taus
yes they can

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Bumping with daemonic battlesuit. Good night lads.

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GW are okay with it.

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We need more shit like this...

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Ahriman is just as fail as he was before. Don't take him.

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They are still susceptible to Chaos taint, even if the Daemons can't see them.

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So, I guess you guys don't remember the Chaos Possessed Tau that fought Grey Knights on the old GW website?

Picture Related.

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