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>ugly language
>self hating
>hates civilization
>loves death
Tolkien knew all too well of the orc-minded Hun menace.

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Depends. They're not Protestants, are they?

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Basically Greeks

What language was the New Testament written in again?

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Dios Mio... La Creatura Germanica... El Atrocidad!

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they know what they've done.

t. furfag
also objectively wrong

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Fuck the Seonin, kill the G*rmanics and latins now

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The eternal German: he starts war, he breeds war.

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Oh you wacky Germans!

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Then just drop more, it's still a net good when you consider how germans are

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I see nothing wrong with this reasoning.

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>I don't just want to regurgitate "the bad empire oppressing everyone"
>or "dark lord bad man from shadow land with orc friends,"
>Can you implement some sort of monsters and a dark lord character without making them shallow evil for the sake of being evil?

Both can be good ideas if you *explain* them.

>The bad empire oppressing everyone
Alright then. Who leads this empire, why is he leading this empire and why is everyone willing to tolerate his evil? Perhaps he was an incredibly loyal general to the point where his troops would follow him over the rightful king, and he rules because the soldiers are happy that he keeps providing them with war and potential spoils? Perhaps he was once the leader of a peasant uprising, who now rules with a "bread and games" policy that the populace at large accepts because it's preferable to the return of the old aristocracy? Perhaps he is tolerated by foreign powers because he's seen as a useful projectile that can be "guided" against rivals? In LOTR terms, imagine for example Rohan allying with Mordor because they want summa dat sweet Gondor clay, something like that.

>Dark lord bad man from shadow land with orc friends
Alright, why do the orcs trust him? Seriously, why the fuck would these xenophobic, savage semi-monsters trust a pinkskin when they literally use human skin to make leather hats? The fuck kind of crazy profitable deal did this guy present them, and why do they trust him on his word?

If an idea seems superficial, in my experience that's usually because you're ignoring the underlying questions. Answer them, and a bad idea becomes a good one, or at the very least a decent one.

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Naturally. The only field in which Germanics can claim superiority to anyone else is in destruction. Lacking the means to do this through honest skill and wits, as a Roman would, they often rely on treachery and tricking those who overestimate their ability to act like decent fucking human beings.
>Varus' legions were destroyed because he actually believed the G*rmanics who told him there was a rebellion in the far north that claimed innocent lives
>Napoleon the Great, despite the disaster of Russia, would've proven his superiority once more if his -own- G*rman troops didn't betray him
>The nations of Europe have meticulously guarded their borders through various treaties including the Dublin Agreement, which M*rkel violated only to later state that all nations of Europe must take their "fair share" of "refugees"

If anyone wishes to see the face of Satan, look no further than the G*rman: hair that resembles putrid piss and ooze, emotionless autism that can experience neither true fear nor true joy and a coarse tongue that sounds like infernal incantations even when describing ung*rmanic concepts such as kindness and morality.

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>there are good and bad people among Germans
That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

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It's a German plan.

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>Destroyed the Roman Empire, the greatest civilization that ever was and the greatest civilization that ever will be
>Sent Europe plummeting into the dark ages, an era of declining civilization, the rise of banditry in the absence of centralized authority and decreasing hygiene standards which brought back once eliminated plagues and pandemics
>Tarnished the name of the Roman Empire by founding its own "Holy" "Roman" "Empire", forever tarnishing what it means to be an empire (where it once meant an authoritarian leader who assumes power while respecting Republican values, it now meant a king who ruled 20 square kilometers more than a regular king)
>As the Flemish born, Francophone Charles V was on the verge of uniting Christendom in a Universal Monarchy and push the Ottomans' shit in, they divided Christendom and brought about one of the bloodiest wars that has ever happened
>As Napoleon was reviving the spirit of Rome and spreading liberalism and meritocracy to the farflung corners of Europe, he was betrayed. Not because the enemy outgunned or outsmarted him but because his own Rhenish/Pr*ssian troops turned against him and decided they preferred tyranny over justice (battle of Leipzig)
>Through multiple wars of agression they finally unite into a single, modern nation-state in 1871 which makes it appear as if they may finally start comprehending the meaning of civilization
>Less than 50 years later they start a war with practically everyone around them, the bloodiest war that has ever been... for the second time
>20 years later they AGAIN start the bloodiest war the world had ever seen, this time with extra genocide to spice things up
>Weakened and divided after 50 years
>As soon as they unite, they seek to demographically and economically wreck Europe yet again for their own benefit

We need a Final Solution for the G*rman problem.

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Because the Germans can only destroy and not build. Forging an empire requires a bit of both.

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That's what you get for trusting the Eternal Kraut.
They are born civilization destroyers.

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>The same reasons the Nazis lost.
Germans are a fucking joke though, the punchline among of the European empires.

1871 was just a cruel mistake with horrible consequences that cumulated in Europe's ongoing destruction. Just like 1813 was a cruel mistake. Or 1648 was a cruel mistake.

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Nice try Hans.

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But anon, can't you tell the DM has an overarching theme in all of his campaigns? The Germans are ALWAYS the bad guys, but we always keep the Germans live because "muh Christianity" or "muh human rights" or "the Germans can change" or some other bullshit reason.

The DM's overarching theme is that sometimes, evil is irredeemable. Sometimes you have to kill some to save all.

I'm actually looking forward to the DM's next campaign, where the Germans destroy Europe from the inside out. I especially look forward to the unavoidable French civil war.

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>German setting
>Satan trips
[desire to partition Germany intensifies]

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