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I recommend the finishes because they will protect the mini's paint job. Once you are finished painting stray on the gloss finish and let it dry. Once it is dry, spray on the matte finish to take the shine off. Gloss finishes are more durable than straight up matte finishes so thats why it goes on first.
Sculpting Tools - You can get most of this stuff at Hobby Lobby or similar places. These are usually sold in a pack so pick one with the most varied shaped tools.
Scalpel - You will need this for scraping mold lines and general fine cutting. be careful with it.
Files - you can get small jewlery files in hobby shops or online. try to get a pack that has a rounded file and other shapes.
water cups - make yourself two water cups for cleaning: one for regular paint and one for metalic paints. This will keep flecks of shiny shit where it shouldnt be off your model.
Basing - hobby lobby and similiar places have great basing stuff. try to get a mix of woodland scense talus and static grass. take a bit from each and mix them in a small container (one container of talus, one of gras) to get a more natural mix.

I'm sure i forgot something and i apologize for spelling and grammatical errors, but hopefully this will get you started.

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1. Heaps
2. Starts out hard, takes a long while, but you get much better and faster with practice
3. GW's paints are pricey, you can find cheaper ones
4. Because nobody likes Elves
5. Not at all, they're all the rage at the moment
6. Chapters are different groups of Space Marines (pic related), nothing to do with other factions

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Did someone say INFOGRPAHICS?

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Ultramarines: Space romans, the boys in blue, Vanilla

Space wolves: Space vikings who unironically wear wolf shirts under their wolf pelts.

iron hands: Crazed marines who have drank some of the mechanus's special coolaid and now want nothing with being fleshy (lots of bionic bits).

Dark angels: Mysterious with a dark secret (hint, they're gay) they tend to like terminator armour, motorbikes and plasma guns, robes and gay sex.

Blood angels: Good space vampires, they like to go fast and hit things with their swords even in death where they have a ton of dreadnoughts.

Salamanders: Big black guys who can't get enough heat weapons, flamers and meltas all the time.

Imperial fist: Yellow armoured siege specialist.

White scars: White mage colours, They like going fast, everyone has a bike, they are essentially good space mongols.

Black templars: Crusading nomadic space marine knights who ignore all the rules and just go crusading recruiting and crusading everywhere they go.

Grey Knights: A space marine's space marine, super secret demon police force which goes around slaughtering anything and everything in its way in the name of ripping demons guts out. Even if it means slaughtering imperial lives.

Or just go to lexicanum or make up your own chapter

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Alright found it here it is....

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>There is only a few thousand space marines in lore


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So I totally stole this from a thread the other day, and I'd like some help fleshing it out. I plan on using it.
Imperial Fists successor chapter
>Bro it up with Black Templars and Imperial Fists
>Have shoulder pads painted black and yellow to honour both chapters respectively
>End up getting dicked over by Inquisition and Mechanicus alike
>Become a renegade version of Black Templars
>Never engage either Black Templars or Imperial Fists and keep the shoulder pads painted black and yellow

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dubs says paint a colour scheme YOU like,dont listen to these grimdark faggots

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You mean this'un?

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i think this is what you meant?

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Let's see if this works?

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can this be a space marine thread now?
I mean seriously, get over this irrational hatred of Matt Ward, makes you people sound like the hivemind that is known as /v/.

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>If anyone out there has an actually good, readable picture of one of those "Chapters of the Adeptus Arstartes" posters, could you post that too?

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I have this one, but there are really thousands of chapters, so there is no one image.

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ITT: high-res /tg/ wallpapers
40k, WHF, M:tG, D&D, CoC, WarmaHordes, etc. Anything goes.

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This one?

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this might help you decide about chapter ...

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of all the Alpha Legion's alternate colour schemes? Sure. Here.

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Space marine armor is Heraldic. Much like the Knights of Europe developed heraldics to keep their own troops from clobbering the faceless, massive Knights.
Each color scheme means a different chapter. For example, if you took the Ultramarine scheme, and added silver shins (and wrists?) you'd have the storm wardens, a separate group.
Fighting between chapters is rare, but not unheard of in the fluff. The points of conflict are usually century old points of honor(Considering many marines are centuries old, these grievances may not be ancient by their reckoning), or differences in philosophy, which the universe of 40k turns into violence by removing the usual means of conflict resolution.
On the table, go for it. It's just a game.

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Pick a color scheme from the bottom section and write your own fluff. Sure, having 'cannon' back-story is nice. But considering the routine nature of GW's back-story butchering whenever they feel like coming up with some half-assed excuse for screwing over the existing fan base (I feel bad for the Chaos players - they got fucked over hard by the CSM 'Gav-a-dex' pile of shit), OP you might as well write a basic one of your own and run with it. Might well be more fun in the long run not being encumbered by pre-existing fluff that gets retcon'd later at GW's whim.

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pick a chapter, any chapter.

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Black panthers are already a canon chapter

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Anyone got a highres of that?

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Well, what about some other chapters.

Iron Hands
Imperial Fists
White Scars

Blood Ravens

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