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Sup /tg/
I'm planning a dungeon for my game, but I want the majority of the encounters to be creatures that wizards created- and I can only think of two right now, the Gelatinous Cube and Mimics. So, monster thread, and extra points for monsters that are created, constructs and the like.

>HARD MODE: Creatures created specifically to manage/clean/keep dungeons.

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Could someone post stats for the 4e Gelatinous Cube?

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I checked out the Malifaux rulebook. I'm really digging the idea of the secret "scheme" objectives.
The idea of using cards instead of dice is interesting to me. You get some thrill of randomness while retaining a sense of choice.

I've often wondered about how to circumvent the "best build" syndrome of wargaming without sacrificing the ability to customize your army. A lot of the appeal to me is building an army to see what works, like a deck of cards.
In the best case scenario, players will constantly be reinventing their lists as counter-strategies are found for each new build. I also like the idea of equipping heroes with various weapons and whatnot to make it my "own."

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We had a guy who actually pretended to be dozing off and and be disinterested in the game. I smelled traitor a mile away and called him on it. He shoulda put more points in Bluff.

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Like the saying goes, there's always 10 x 10 x 10ft room for Jell-O.

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>Implying OP wasn't a troll
>Implying I'm a troll

I'm hanging out we my two fuck buddies, how about you?

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*hnnnng* that's, that's... just.. *_*

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Something occured to me. I don't know how it's explained in the books, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, cubes. Of the gelatinous sort. I read somewhere that the paths in a dungeon were usually made to their size. But it occured to me that maybe it's the other way around - the cubes can grow as large as the dungeon paths allow them to. They can't grow to infinite size (well, actually, they should be able to grow quite huge, in a nice The Blob-like fashion) but they can't grow bigger than beyond their ability to feed. Of course, if they had plenty of food in a location, they wouldn't need to move.

I like cubes.

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The gelatinous cube, or a rust monster

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