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>Not bound to his will forcefully
>For humans, get rebirthed to die again
>For astartes, forced to fight in LotD or get nommed
>For sisters, either nommed or Living saint aka Daemon prince

>Mfw dead Astartes and SoB realize they are just ushering in a new chaos god, but can't stop it and are forced to just act as its new servants

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>What is the exact state of the Emperor? How many limbs is he missing?

he's been better

looking good for his age, though

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He's 'alive'.

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Indeed, good news is both he and Lok come with their own unique retinue models, which just add character to the army really. Oh well.

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Allright, thanks. But how did he die? Where is this body kept?

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What was the Emperor doing on Earth before the Horus heresy?

Why did he lock himself away?

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There is only one option.

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How does the Emperor goes to the bathroom ?

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Will the emperor ever awaken? If so, what could he accomplish in such a state?

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Help me out here folks. I'm looking for instances where humanity teamed up with aliens to fight a common enemy. I'm working on an only war campaign in which the IG makes an alliance to fight Necrons and I knowing of some such situations would help me have a better grasp of the situation.

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Wait, am I still a desiccated corpse or do I have my SPESS MAHREEN muscles?

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The corpse guy is the symbolic and religious head of this galactic empire (like Paul Arrakis from Dune), he's barely alive and the throne he's on is his life support.

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At least you guys have followers who didn't betray all of your beliefs.

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Ok so. The Emperor dies. The Astronomicon goes out. Ships are lost in warp, worlds are lost to storms. Tyranids have no course to direct their massive Hive Fleets. The Lords of Chaos retract much power put into their human and trans-human forces. Many Chapters of the Space Marines go into seclusion, while others carve their own Empires out of neighboring systems. No ships are allowed into the Sol System, and no one has heard from Terra. The Grey Knights have not been seen since. The Ecclesiarchy has waged Holy Wars on many of these new coalitions, declaring that the Emperor is alive and well. Many Space Marines declare war on the Ecclesiarchy.

Take my hand /tg/, and help me flush out this setting. Who knows, maybe we can make some awesome material.

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I kinda hate that picture though, because it makes it look like Magnus has tiny arms.

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This is what happens after the cruel realisation

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Oh fuck. Shit guys, I fucked up. I knocked on of the cables loose while cleaning up the cobwebs. Fuck, what do I do?

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And at the start and at the end of each passing day... he yearns for death.

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Indeed, it doesn't make much sense, but that's why I'm here now asking. Never thought to ask /tg/ before. Also, it's a 40k thread, so anything goes, really.

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Here's another one.

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