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Whatever you do, don't go to this site.


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Got no static sound effects for this, not on my regular computer but if you want to add one in I took a stab a it.

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>dissing Arkham Horror

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/tg/, what do you think is a good name word for feats/talents/whatever? I'm thinking along those lines, but something different. But a word for basically a small discreet package that provides specific specialized benefits, like [Ignores light armor penalties] or [Attack bonus with (insert weapon type here)].

I ask because I'm working on a game inspired by CoC, and I'm trying to pick a word for those.
Not pic semi-related CoC, the other one.

Also maybe like homebrew systems general or something.

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Quick, before you die what kind of familiar would this be

Fake eldritch abomination? Cutie tentacle?

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Hey /tg/, got a question for you guys. Maybe you can see a way out that I don't.

I have a casual gaming group at university and we do a tonne of systems. Star Wars. Dark Heresy, Ravenloft, Pathfinder, V:tM, Paraspace, Traveller, couple of homebrews, Monsters and Other Childish Things, CoC, FATAL (for a laugh)... you get the point. We tend to have fun and a bit of a laugh whilst playing and the group melds well, except for one lady. Let's call her Danni.

Danni has a problem with historical accuracy, and, whilst she doesn't see it, it kills game flow more effectively than a brick wall. It's not that she's unintelligent, but her social awareness leaves a lot to be desired.

It's gotten to the point that we can't run anything Tolkien related (another one of her obsessions), anything alternative history related or anything remotely historical in the slightest, which is a real shame. One of our players was due to run Legend of the Five Rings we pointed out the gaping problem.

Mainly, her.

We have tried talking to her about it, suggesting ways to change her behaviour and pointing out the problems she's causing but to no effect. Now, we're a pretty timid bunch and it'll probably fall to me to sort this shit out. Now, I don't want to kick her out, because our uni societies are pretty tight-knit and it'll reflect bad on guys that are just trying to enjoy themselves, but if I have to point out one more time that historical accuracy can go fuck itself because there's a bloody half demon in the party, or comfort a player who's in tears over Danni's behaviour, I may have to solve the problem with a pickaxe.

What would you suggest /tg/? I have a long patience, but 2 years of this shit is more than long enough.

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Folder of books for any interested parties


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>Friday night
>No voice thread
>No LARP thread
>No writethread
>No drawthread

Are you okay /tg/? Sure you're feeling alright?

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My only problem is I'm weak on plot. I've looked at a bunch of stuff like GM emulators and solitaire story writing exercises to try and help me get over it.

I can usually think of an end goal, which serves me well as GM, but thinking of stuff to put in the middle is difficult for me.

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>went to gurochan for the first time

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Maybe use some kind of leviathan or giant octopus as either a plot point or the BBEG if you're going sailing anyways.

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LA R'lyeh is bretty cool too

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>All these CoC books

Who's ready for some fucking SAN checks?!?
(thanks, by the way)

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No, I want cute-thulu as my familiar

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What an odd crossover.

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I don't know what you are but it sounds like me. Maybe some kind of tentacle monster?

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Heya' /tg/!

I'm running a small horror campaign soon and I wanted to ask, does anyone know any good map utilities and/or any good tilesets to use for them? I've been trying to use Tiled to make a map of a sorta' futuristic looking building, although my intent is for it to be some kind of power plant. Haven't found a good tileset for that, want something with lots of tiles for disconnected still shorting wires, lots of broken things, got anything?

As a last resort I'll probably just draw a squiggle and lines map, will probably be more boring but eeeeh.

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COC can be hard to GM, it doesn't play like DND, typical Hack N Slash, It's more of a thinking man's game. COC is more into using your brain instead of a magic sword. Library Use is probably the most useful skill. I would limit starting skills to nothing over 50 or 60%. Also, players are supposed to get a chance to advance skills used in the game and if they succeed, they can add a D10 roll in points to the skill, this caused problems in a game I ran for a few years. Some of my players eventually had incredible stats in certian areas, I had a player that eventually had a 97 in shotgun! It got real outta hand. Also, don't be afriad it give out little sanity loses, like 1 or 2 points, without rolling. Don't do it too much, your players will get pissed, and give it for legitimate reasons. Your players will bitch either way, but stand firm. Also, try using pre-gen adventures at first, COC can be very hard to write adventures for. There are hundreds out there on the net, check the Chaosium website, there are alot on that site. Last point, make sure you know who you are dealing with in your game, some COC adventures can be very racy and sick (1 of the first adventures i ran for a group involved some parents raping and killing their own daughter) some of the adventures can really upset certain people. I would also use minis and maps for combat, it helps alot. I hope you have fun and the stars are right!!!

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