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im sorry but im tired of this fucking faggotry being repeated in every fucking nid thread

the hive fleet gorgon did very well against the tau. it harvested several systems. when the tau tried to defend a planet, they got pwned and were forced to retreat to the next planet. THE TAU WERE DEFEATED. once they fell back they found imperial guard attacking the planet but eventually the guard and TAU were forced to ally against the nids to avoid being wiped out.
the nids were unable to adapt to the diverse weapons of BOTH armies. they did not get out adapted by the tau.

you are forgetting that every hive fleet has wiped out hundreds of worlds in hundreds of battles. the major battles they lost, ichar iv and maccrage were not total defeats. they still have remnants and splinter fleets and splinter tendrils that roam the galaxy

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end of article

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ok /tg/
How awful will the new tyranid codex be on a scale of introducing your black girlfriend to the family on thanksgiving to letting women vote.

personally, i think the rules it will rate approximately equal to an abortion on christmas day, while the fluff will be similar to zimmerman being convicted

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nids eat the whole galaxy then move on to the next galaxy

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Move away from the city, buy some land and start a ranch. Once you have a few nids, tell some of them to start producing biofuels (this is the one time pyrovores will be useful to you), then sell it and use the money to buy industrial quantities of cattle feed to supply your hive.

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