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Who created a race whose only purpose was to suffer out of curiosity as to what effect this would have on the Warp? The Old Ones.

Who created/modified/uplifted/manipulated species into warrior-drones to war on their behalf? The Old Ones.

The Necrons were right to start that war. The Old Ones had the means to cure the Necrontyr of their blighted existence and they did nothing because they found the suffering amusing.

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I now want to watch a film about a merry band of savage, brutal and grotesque aliens as they go out into the uncaring and dangerous galaxy. They learn lessons on morality and ethics from a wise old Alpha Predator who grew too old to hunt.

They would have a pet quadruped hunting animal called Skruv.

They end up teaching a human colony how to fight back properly against the Alien rape-teams that have infiltrated their world. In doing so they learn that there is more to life than just killing things, the reason for the hunt is to teach them this.

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I am working on just such a post-Imperial setting, here is ideas so far


The Imperium dies with the Emperor. For all he was he was just a mortal man in the end. Only warp-rift was casued by the implosion of the throne and the astronomican rather than the Emperor himself. About 1.5 light years in every direction fucked but little else.

The Space Wolves, because of their already X-bawks huge navy, fuck the codex numbers and warrior trained serfs carve out a Protectorate of their own, all swear loyalty to King Ragnar Whitemane. Huge battles fought to secure new realm, 500 year war. Thousand Sons used this as a distraction to nuke Fenris. Tribes of Fenrisians are sheltered in The Fang and later seeded about the 13 fifedoms of the Protectorate. Ragnar dies on Garm in the closing years of the 44th millennium at the hands of Emperor Abbadon of the Cadian Commonwealth.

Ultramar breaks down as an Empire. Because of the loss of unified government all the ultramarine crusader successors get their assess handed to them when the supply lines dry up. Set sail for the only place they can think of, Ultramar, ancestral home. Ultramarines are fighting a loosing battle with Orks on one side and 'Nids on the other and Chaos everywhere else. Welcome brothers with open arms. No man may be master of two chapters and so to convince them to stay Chapter Master Sicarius grants them their own worlds to call their own. This binds them to the area of space of his choosing and they are thanking him. Downside is that Ultramar consists of ~350 worlds, most of them not having a population big enough to recruit from so sometimes multiple systems have to be given. Ultramar Empire is carved up but retains a united defense, becomes Ultramar Commonality.

Tau are eaten by 'Nids after epic battles. Farsight Enclave survives. Some refugee convoys manage to GTFO just in time.

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