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You have to remember being property is also a life choice, in an ideal society its citizens should have the freedom to pick and choose whichever lifestyle they wish to live.

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I vote nay, my species have gone through enough genocides by your Imperium for far too long.

Aye, everyone is entitled to an waifu.

Aye, we are essentially pretending to be the undisputed masters of this board, the name fits.

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A more important question to ask is, are you even worth the trouble to communicate with in such a fashion?

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Because those people are shunned by society for being transgender or transsexual, they wish to seek refuge on the internet where they believe their uniqueness would be worshiped and admired.

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But woe is me, Banana Co. has an monopoly in my world on all interdimensional, international and regional mobile communication.

There is no cell phone better for the task then your trusty Banana Phone.

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Of course there is a problem with preference and nepotism good sir.

Why in our most bland and dull lives shuffling about as wage slaves to some corporation or some other large conglomerate of soul crushing human industry and governance, pointless conflict is the only thing we have left to fill the void of mediocrity.

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On the worlds dimly seen,
through the rifts of warp space.

Where the foe's corrupt host,
in dread silence reposes.

What is that which gives hope?
No evil can erase?
As it faithfully beams,
half conceals, half discloses?

Reminiscent of grace,
of the most sacred place.
In full glory reflected
now shines on man's race.

Tis' the Astronomican, Oh long may it shine,
from His throne on terra,
guiding all of mankind.

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Change it to this, good sirs.

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Jack of Spades.

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I can't be on the top of my game all the time now could I?

4chan is generally seen as a place that conforms to very loose sets of rules and regulations, with such sporadic moderation they will never be thoroughly and thoughtful enforced in any meaningful manner.

It was never my intent to justify shitposting and trolling good sir, that such undesirable acts cannot be eliminated or contained. Nor can the reputation of the entirety of 4chan be elevated above anything that is already is. A realm of utter chaos and debauchery.

And thus I find it highly peculiar that you speak of tastefulness , when there is no sensible taste at all, not even to salvage.

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I nominate Sergalfag for death.

I've witness him be banned more times then some people have posted, hundreds of times, and he manages to dodge all of them.

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But good sir, you must also realize that there must be some restrictions to the subjects we're allowed to converse about. This is a blue SFW board after all, and therefore some discretion and a level of appropriateness must be maintained, from the images we post to the words we type.

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Vermin I am, but a deity of worship you are not.

Although the many countless moments browsing these boards from these long years of quiet perseverance and observation have eroded my wits and attention to but fine splinters. I know what manner of creature you are.

You are, above all, a parasite, feeding off the attention and praises from the mass of ignorance. Offering no contribution of your own, but your own toxic personality and worm tongue.

In other words you and I are the same.

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If we are only looking at size and size alone.

Then good sir, I believe Russia has all the other nations trumped in this category.

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The Collector is a very fickle fellow. He posts very sporadically even by my standards, what makes you think he will appear at your every beck and call. And your slightest whims?

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But alas good sir, how can a mere savage animal such as I, even begin to comprehend all the intricacies of the English language, let alone the grammar and sentence structuring rules associated with it.

But I digress.

What I find most unsettling about Deathleaper's Fangirl, is how much time she spends on this board. Truth be told, every time I have lurked, she is always posting in a warhammer 40k or conducting a image dump. In fact I believe she has posted the most images and text then any one member on /tg/. Which is quite a amazing and pathetic feat at the same time.

With everything else considered, I'm sure she has refine image dumping to a science. No one can dump faster then her.

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True, however the common strategy around such an ingenious use of verbose, is Ad hominem.

Surely berating the person, supporting any argument, on his personal failings as an human being would silence his opinions once and for all.

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I do apologize, old trolling habits are so hard in suppressing.

But I regress, part of the reason is because that piece of fanfiction has stolen the magic of nostalgia first. And every work of fiction that will come after it, will never have the same lustre. Thus, they will forever be judged by the magical merits and traits set forth by Love Can Bloom.

Attested by the fact that, we have gentlemen reminiscent of /tg/ or yore, of how magical a time it seems to us now, because we perceive major change by experiencing the progression of time.

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It really depends, I say get them if wish to participate in your local tournaments with rival decks more align to the metagame, but in casual math-ups against your friends playing non meta standard decks, it loses its usefulness and can occasionally backfire against you.

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When handling such sensitive and taboo topics such as Furries, why is there need for common sense or open mindedness?

Clearly blind hatred and prejudice is the best solution to deal with their kind.

Isn't this one of the principles 4chan was built upon?

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Truth be told, I am used to receiving such abusive scorn from many of more civilized members of our most glorious board. I can live either way.

Although hoarding such materials, when the higher powers that be, are clearly on leave, must be a cardinal sin. Depriving already lustful ruffians of what they desire is simply a act without taste.

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Maybe she has diplomatic immunity and the building she is currently inhabiting is a some sort of human-elven embassy.

And the human prisoner in question was a terrorist, trying to start a race war.

But your guess is as good if not better then mine.

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