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My Lashunta is a Xenoseeker Envoy, and his personality is basically Zap Brannigan + Jack Harkness. Zero ERP or magical realm, It's just good for a laugh. To boldly go where no peen has gone before.

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That hydra

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Holy shit of course being sapiant changes everything.

A dog that has a brain able to think on our level is a MASSIVLY different beast from the dogs that exist right now. Sexing one of these is not the same as the other.

i mean he's obviously a troll but we have standards dammit!

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>Anything that moves
Only if it passes the test

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Point taken.

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Well she is kind of iffy on the alien fucking rules.

I mean personally I wouldn't touch 'Lilly' with a ten foot pole because I'm a homosexual introvert but that's just me.

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Please. Humanity's biggest advantage has always been being able to get used to anything.

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Standard rules apply.

What do you learn at Necromancy College anyway?
Is it just raising the dead, or can you do other things too?
Are you taught how to make constructs, like Frankenstein's monster?

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>is everybody seeing this comment?
>cuz it is useful
First off, how does multiplayer work?
Is everyone seducing their own monster and who ever gets laid first wins?
Is everyone competing for the love of a mutually agreed upon awesome-creature played by the DM?
I can see some gameplay aspects
>PC must prove themself to be a worthy mate by the standards of the creature
>The creature has very specific taste in gifts in activities that will be difficult for PC
>PC has to survive the Moving In Together trial period
And that's just the dating part, but seriously, where does it end?

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Cannot communicate effectively.
Too small to really create /tg/po/ OC, ergo, too undeveloped to truly procreate.

In all honesty, /po/ shouldn't even been considered an option.

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>real life bestiality
>just another fetish

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Now, playing someone who steals their sister's food, has tried to sleep with two people and a blob monster and has no sense of humility, of course my Tengu's going to fuck this thing, regardless of gender and the fact it's 4 times bigger than him. Only question is now, will I end up leaving the castle battered, bleeding yet smug as hell and with it's phone number. Or will this be like some Eddie Murphy/Dragoness Shrek shenanigans?

If the latter, what do I do with a storm raven waifu?

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Mostly agreed. Like, I'd adhere to the Test, at least.

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This, is the Harkness test.

If you aren't sure who Jack Harkness is, he's an Accidentally Immortal Time-and-Space-Travelling Pansexual.

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Debatable but signs point toward yes.

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>Is it bestiality if you fuck your Pokemon?
Depends on how you play them. Apply Harkness Test.

Of course, within ERP, nothing is stopping you from doing bestiality anyway. Just call it as it is.

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The problem with bestiality IS the problem of the animal being incapable of really giving consent, so yes, go ahead.

In case of any doubts, see picture. It really is the best explanation.

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There we go. 10 seconds with Google.

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I'd still screw it

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