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I always thought that >>52631475 looked like a fairly realistic skirmish when compared with the more typical 40k depictions of battles like pic related

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Don't provoke them, keep companies in strike range

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Hey guys, im getting into warhammer 40k as i played a little when i was a kid at school now having a job and income im wanting to start playing again. Im not totally sure what i want to collect though, i have some idea how the game works but the armies that im interested in are either Necrons or Space marines mainly the black templar. can i get some help deciding thankyou :)

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Stabbing a robot in the chest

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900000000000000000 hours on MSpaint

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Hate to say it, but the most hipster factions are probably sisters of battle and black templar.

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Thanks a lot mate!

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So here I was, reading some 40k fluff and now i'm wondering about the Astral Knights and the World Engine.

Setting aside the other forces, a full chapter of space marines would consist, other than the 1000, of how many land raiders, predator tanks, metal bawkses, dreadnoughts and stuff?

Also, how many ships besides the flagships/battle barge? Given that they landed 772 inside the WE, either the chapter wasn't at full strength or some of their ships were blown by the engine. By the way, was everyone aboard the Tempestus or, after it punched through, the other ships followed suit?

Another also, what would be the approximate format of the World Engine itself? Something resembling a planet sized monolith, a D8 or a deathstar? What about the interior?
I think it'd be full of choke points wherever it lead to important stuff like command nodes or generators. Corridors probably wouldn't need to be too wide, unless the engine carried monoliths around (come to think of it, it probably did, given its size).

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Best Ultramarine book is right here

It shows them getting wrecked for no reason other than trying to exalt 2nd company. Even losing more than half of the company and the whole of the civilian population trying to accomplish the vain attempt of holding the last port planetside. Sicarius even gets his shit wrecked and loses his honor guard against a no-name lord and has to be carried away in literal pieces before they eventually run away like little girls.

Everybody told Sicarius that they should probably just abandon the world and evacuate but his pride was so great and his need to glorify the chapter that he all but lost everything in a backwater of no military import.

This is how Ultramarines should work, the good and bad parts of being a poster boy.

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>do you really think the Imperium... scratch that... space marines would lose?

Read the Necron fluff, they get their asses handed to them alot.
Either the writers are becoming less biased or Necrons are their kryptonite.

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>Their plot armor is inferior by default


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Looking good big blue

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>It would be really nice if once (just fucking once) GW would grow a pair of balls and do something amazing like have an astartes chapter (hell even a made-up one) try to do something fuck-tarded (like invade a craftworld, ork-world, fight off a hive-fleet by themselves, etc.) and get FUCKING CURB-STOMPED

Pic related bro
Sicarius is a bitch and gets spanked like one from a bunch of no named skeletons from outer space.

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VEHICLE PROFILES: WARGAME is home to all sorts of contraptions, ballistae, and other combat vehicles from every faction. To reflect the differences between creatures of flesh and blood and constructs, vehicles have many special rules that belong to them alone, which can be found in the Vehicles Section.

STATISTICS TESTS: During a battle, a Model might have to test one of its Statistics, normally its Strength, Durability, or Agility. For example, it might have to tests its Ag to avoid being crushed in a Vehicle Wreck.

Situations that require Statistics Tests will have a number associated with them called a Target Score - In order to take the test, roll a number of D6s specified by the test, and add the relevant Statistic. To succeed, your combined result must meet or beat the Target Score.

One thing to remember for Statistics Tests is that when a Model with a Statistic of 0 (or -) is called to make a Test on that Statistic, it always fails! Some Statstics Tests will have other Effects, which will be described by the Special Rules calling for them.

When an Effect calls for a Statistics Test to be made against an entire Unit, always use the highest value for that Statistic in the unit. It's assumed that the most suited for each task is there to lend a hand when needed!

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Meanwhile both him and Tiberius got their asses handed to them by one planet of no name fucks.

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They seem good to me,
Support/melee role with tools like res orbs to buff the party
mobile, lighter armored melee striker
Tank/defender, soaks up the most dmg
sniper/ranged striker, great tracker/survivialist
Wizard/psyker like role that can cover anything from controller to ranged striker depending on its specialized school.

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A no name chuckle fuck Necron lord bested both Sicarius and Tiberius.

Seriously it wasn't even a contest, the lord just stood there until Sicarius exhausted himself trying to harm him (he repaired so fast he literally couldn;t do enough damage before his next strike) and then the Lord cracked all of his ribs crushing his internal organs with a backhand on par with swatting a fly from your face.

>pic related

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As if plot always favors space marines, Necrons make more chapters their bitch in the first 8 pages of their codex than all the other codices have in the last 20 years.

>pic related, no name fucks making fools out of Sicarius and Tigurius with out trying

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>Whatever excuses marines-haters find to justify their bitching actually stems from this fact.

Thats because a game should have variety beyond different colors of power armor.

If GW spent half as much time on the other factions that they do on space marines the game would be funner, more balanced and generally more interesting.

Space Marines need only one codex and that's the truth of it.

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Might as well post the rest of the picture, given that you had your ass handed to you by a nameless lords in literal butt fuck egypt.

Don't make fun of others for their weak flesh when all flesh is inherently weak.

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