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I really want to start playing Dark Heresy.
Tuesday and Wednesday 7-12 PM EDT (UTC-4), Friday 7 PM onwards.
>Method of playing
Maptools, IRC, roll20. I have a skype if you want to use it for voice chat, but I've literally never used it.
Email's the best way to get a hold of me, which is in the field. If you want to use skype, I can email you my skype name.
>Why you should be picked up/miscellaneous information.
I'm new to Dark Heresy, but eager to learn, and I love to roleplay just as much as I like to rollplay.

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Is this... is this what passes for trying anymore?

Fuck, Chaos, get it together.

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Here you go.

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A warp rift is open in the near the heart of the galaxy. From within small artefacts powered by emotions travel through the galaxy in search for suitable bearers.

A blue ring with lands in Holy Terra, and finds a undying corpse sitting in a golden throne. In the blink of an eye, its wearer is healed from his "dead" state. The Imperial Guard and the mighty Space Marines, now hold the power of Hope.

A green ring lands in a jungle world and finds a green creature of incredible might. Warboss Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unter now holds the power of Will.

A yellow rings travels to the Eye of Terror and finds a colossal starships and a being wearing black and gold armour who capable of the most horrible atrocities. Abaddon the Despoiler how holds the power of Fear.

A red ring travels to a world known as a "Shrine World". Where millions of women prepare for war. The rings finds her place in the finger of Saint Celestine. Their hatred towards heretics and mutants grants them the power of Love.

A black ring flyes towards an alreade lost word. Deprived of life, but not of movement, the ring manages to find a situable host whose name means nothing but death to his enemies. Imotekh the Stormlord holds the power of death for the Necrons.

Who is most suitable for the spectrum and who wins?

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Some of you may have already have said this, but I just wanted to say it again. what if the Emperor is real?

Bear with me on this.

What if the Emperor is thousands of years old and, foreseeing what would happen in the future, subliminally affected the minds of the first creators of Warhammer 40,000. So, his plan was to breed brilliant strategists to master the warfare of 40k. He would then show himself to the players that he found were the best and put them in stasis in order to keep them till the time was right for them to lead the Imperium to another Golden Age. The Codex writers didn't actually create the 40k codexs, they were given that information through visions of the future and books about a specific race! However, the gods of chaos also foresaw this happening and tried to dissuade many new players, whose ideas and strategic brilliance may have been brought to light by this game, from playing the game by planting greed and terrible ideas into the Board Members minds. Increasing the prices to make current and new players stop playing, thus giving the Emperor less resources to work with. That's when the Emperor began to spice things up a little, he knew that the Board Members were under the control of the Chaos Gods, but not the players themselves. So, he began to find those that could help the system grow and bring more people into the fold. Thus, Battle Reports from fans of the game came into being, players beginning to pirate rules from the game and cheap and easy ways to create new models were born! But, how would people know what units were good and what units were bad? Where could new players find vets of the game to seek advice from? Where could players gather from around the globe to talk of tactics and warhammer?

Well, he aided in the creation of this board.

Welcome to the Imperium.
It starts with us.

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>Be Guardfag
>Not playable
>Maybe not even in the game at all

You know how much that bothers me? Not a jot. I'm going to play all four factions and I'm going to ruddy well enjoy it. Why are 'Nid fans getting so buttdevestated, again?

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Humanity beset on all sides by forces far stronger than them, reduced to a constant last stand with no real hope of victory, must be tuesday

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And that, is how we roll.

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>and so we went to war

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Can we have an Only War general thread? We used to have them often but popularity seems to have died down. Regiment builds, custom weapons, character concepts or cool stories.

I will start with a tale from my last session my group had, in which i was the GM

>Be 8th Sarkaran Special Recon
>Be on Skrynne, shitty death world from the core rulebook sample adventure
>Squad is given a techpriest and chimera, sent to retake outpost and fix old satellite relay
>Get there, find it has already been taken by brontian squad
>Their Seargent is dead, surviving corperal is in charge
> He is pissed that they fought and died to take the base, thinks party is there to take all the credit
> Refuses to let the party in, saying their orders were to not let anyone in
> Radio back to comm is entirely not helpful because bureaucracy
> Squad comissar gets fed up, she blamms the corperal
>Rest of them fall in line, most seem way pissed though
>Examining the machine
>Techpriest says that Sacred plate of machine spirit warding is missing
>It is literally just the hatch
> Techpriest is hardcore mechanicus, says it cannot be fixed without the door
>Party heads off to abandoned base to find a replacement
>Fall afoul of 2 ork trukks
>Epic chase ensues, all parties tearing ass through the jungle
>Multilas manages to wing the driver of the closest trukk and damage it a little
>Commisar gets fed up with this, takes lasgun from one of the comrades
>Leans out hatch, takes aim at trukk driver
>Huge negative modifiers to shot
>Rolls a fucking 5
>damage comes up 10
>Rolls a second 10 for righteous fury
> Driving ork is obliterated, trukk flips and explodes on tree
> Party psyker wants in on this action
>Also leans out hatch
> Nice and cosy with the commisar

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Indeed, the IG are very reliant on their helpers. But I honestly don't see any other way of making up the numbers other than making them a F2P faction, which would make the Orks suffer. The alternative would be having Guard players be 'specialists' such as Commissars, Officers, Storm Troopers and such, but then it's not really the Imperial Guard if they do that, is it?

I think they could make good AI for the helpers, though, which could negate some of the problems. The UNSC Marines in Halo 4 were actually competent this time around, and I actually did a double take when I saw a pair of them working together to take down an Elite + its squad of Grunts (and succeeding). Throw in the ability to take cover, since it's rumoured that the game will feature one for those not wearing power armour and such, and you've got yourself a decent squad that can still be useful when the leader is dead.

In any event, I think we're going to have to wait until we see how a battle will work before we can come to any solid conclusions about whether or not a squad will work, however. I just think it should be considered as an option.

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Thank you!

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are you sure? because we keep having to cleanse those filthy mutants, sometimes we find little colonies of them

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It's a shame they're too dumb to do that, because it could be a lot of fun.

You could play:

A single space marine (various specialties)
A single Ork Meganob
An Ork Nob with 4 boyz (shoota, slugga, customize your squad! Or be a Big Mek with a retinue of gretchen!)
An Eldar psyker with two Eldar bodyguards
A Commissar with 8 guardsmen (execute one to give the others a "morale" buff!)
A psyker with two "bodyguards" (make sure not to let your power meter get too high, or you start to lose control and they shoot you)
A techpriest with two battle servitors
and so on, and so forth.

It would make the battlefield look like an actual battlefield. There might be only 15 players on each side, but if they're each controlling a squad, it starts to look like a significant conflict. Space marines are about as powerful as a full squad of I.G., better at some things, worse at others (for instance, the marine takes much less damage from AOE, but can only carry one or two special weapons.)

That's a game I would actually play.

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Rolled 2, 6, 1 = 9

Sir! Rerolling SIR!

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Yeah but the regular cadian models are boring as hell. This is what they're supposed to look like, but they fail hard at it.

They'll be the cheapest GW source of IG you're going to find, though I use the term "cheap" very lightly.

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Gentlemen, how do we give Lasguns the edge they deserve? Lately GW has been giving non-Imperium armies troop guns that completely overshadow the Lasgun, which was designed by the God of the known universe. It started with poisoned splinter weapons and continued with extra wounds causing tesla weapons, cover denying noise weapons sniper kroot rifles and now rending shuriken weapons. These are some of my ideas on how to bring the Lasgun up to speed:

1. Small blast markers. The Lasgun emits a beam of focused light,that causes the immediate surface area of a target to be vaporized in a small explosion, so giving them small blasts would be ideal.
2. Let Lasguns shoot twice if the wielder doesn't move during the movement phase. Automatically shoot twice in overwatch, it's a laser weapon for Emperors sake!
3. Reflect the fact that a living God designed Lasguns in their rules. Have all Lasguns give +1 to hit with shooting, like dwarven handguns in Warhammer. Alternatively have all Lasguns be Master-Crafted by default.

What do you think, people of /tg/?

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>Got your Only War character all written up? Great. First proper session is at the end of the week, but I'm doing solo prologue sessions for each player before then, covering some backstory, training, and your first hour of combat. By the end of which, there will only be enough left of your company to form a squad.
>Here's how it works.
>You get an extra fate point, because I am so very nice.
>If you can survive your prologue mission without having to burn it to survive, you get to keep it.

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As the now grim-natured Trevor shows the group to the logistics tent, I roll for the other two comrades. The techpriest has a servitor which is effectively a BBQ on spider legs, with a power fist on a spring hidden in the grill. Demeanor roll.
>It's incredibly fast witted, though sarcastic and bitter in nature.
>it's a walking grill that comedy roasts people.

The Ratling snipers comrade is less interesting, a brutal brawler blood sworn to defend his squaddies with fists and grit, named Tobias. His demeanour is that he's an undiscovered genius tactician, so I decide to reserve him to nudge the group in the right direction when they inevitably get stuck.
> remarkably, they never did. Sort of.

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