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Play a normal game and just see if it happens. It happened in the game I GM, and now the characters are faced with some really unhappy choices.

One NPC who fell in love with one of the PCs for their heroics now has watched them sacrifice some of their self and soul to seal away a horrible thing. Now the NPC has to care for the PC, who is on the best of days confused and kindly worried, and on the worst doesn't even RECOGNIZE their loving girlfriend.

And sure, they're both different species and kind of odd (one is a hermaphrodite) and do funny sweet and sexual things but it's all sort of shadowed over with a more human relationship of what is basically a troubled wife and her mentally ruined husband, and said wife finding every reason to pour her devotion into said ruined husband, even if it's ruining her.

Plus she also hateloves another PC who is a rogueish asshole and functions way better than the others.

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