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OP here and I'm pretty sure you're both right.
By the way, the guys running this site are the same guys who ran Ronin Miniatures, who made both the Primarchs I've posted, and the base for the Magnus Daemon Prince.

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I feel like this is what the original Mario game should have been more like.

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Mortarion came off well, true. I attribute a lot of that to the hood, since it looks really characterful.
Lion and Vulkan also have helmets, and Guilliman has one in his hand.
After the rebuilds I hope to get rid of Vulkan's helmet as well. Adding a helmet really can be the difference between a Primarch and an abnormaly tall Captain. Lion's helmet being a special case as it is one of his signature items.

Perturabo's head in any case is a bit of a special oddity, since I took the idea mostly from the Perturabo from this lineup, rather than any piece of art.

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Some of those photos are WIP shots, some models were never 100% done anyway. Really, the whole gallery is full of little marks of lazyness, since I never expected to use it to sell my services or seek a job or anything.
As for the commissions, those were a rather short-lived venture. At least everyone who bought a mini was happy with it (or at least told me so). All the buyers were from /tg/, as I don't really actively hang out anywhere else.
And yes, as I already mentioned in this thread, my greenstuffing is on par with my painting. Lack of practice means I can't really do anything more than fur and gap filling, and even then I might forget some gaps.
I do know I need to improve a lot if I want to be a truely high-tier mini artist. Thing is, I never really came into this wanting to be the very best like noone ever was. My stuff was always fairly simple and easy to copy, and this has always been my intention.
For an example of this, compare these Primarchs to mine. They have lots of custom sculpted parts and great paintjobs. They are objectively better than mine, but I like mine because anyone with the parts could make a similar set. I seek to do the same with my conversion advice.
...why did I turn a simple "I agree with your points, thanks for bringing them up" reply into a novel?
Not really sure. Sorry about that.

TL;DR: Yeah, I need a lot more practice if I want to be a good sculpter or painter.

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Sup /tg/, I'm sure most of you 40k players/modelers have heard of Ronin Miniatures (the ones that made most of the beautiful Primarchs in this picture).

I believe the person(s) behind Ronin Miniatures are now called Kabuki Models. Evidence in the picture in the next post...

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1.) Make the miniatures in the pictures.
2.) Sell them to me for a lot of money.
3.) ????
4.) Profit!

Serious offer here.

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>Field too long

TL;DR: How do I counts-as Primarchs with Paladin wargear?

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Are any ppl from Germany/Austria on /tg/?

one of those threads turned into a a meetup of some 40kers so, why not try this.

for me

I am from Austria

I hate to need a pic for first post

Would be great to meet /tg/ers sometimes

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Leman Russ is my spiritual liege

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Hey /tg/. I was wondering what different companies out there make and sell models of the Primarchs and call them something else so they don't get busted for copyright infringement?
All I have is Kabuki Models, Scibor Miniatures, and Ronin Models (which no longer exists).
What other good ones am I missing?

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Hearing that from someone is very uplifting.
Perhaps it is just my humble nature, but when I look at for instance these models, I realize I could only make five or six of them. Maybe seven. This is mostly because I can't sculpt properly and until I learn that there is no way I can honestly call myself top tier.

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Can't believe this hasn't been posted

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On the character sheet, what numbers go in to those odd little squares in the Strength and Toughness boxes?

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There's always this.

I always loved this model they once did of Jaghati riding out on top of a rhino out of the gates of Terra

looked awesome

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Would a thread like this be permissible? I generally trust the populace of 4chan more than I do finding good one on one RP elsewhere. All I can find anywhere easily is YAOIYAOI or FURRYFURRY or CHICKSWITHDICSNOMENALLOWEDEVER.

Does anyone know a good resource for finding decent RPers for IM or other such RPing, or have any interest in such? Pic related, as I'd like to do some original 40k RPing(not really mehreens though).

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Has the last Haarlock Dark Heresy book been scanned yet?

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For you Scriptarius

Also, what do you think of Spruecrons?

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