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I like this picture partly because I think it looks cool.

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You are a Magical Girl, and you're about to meet someone you've completely forgotten about. It's not as though you wanted to forget about them, of course - it's just that you've got a memory that's just as reliable as a sieve holding water. What's alarming, really, is that apparently you've spent six months of your two years of service with this person - and you've apparently have no idea what happened during those six months. You've lost a quarter of your life as you remember it, and it begs the question - just how much have you forgotten?

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You are a Magical Girl, and...well, you're fucked.

Not literally, of course. Relationships and you go along together like a house on fire. With said house used to store highly-volatile chemicals and other things that explode the moment you look at them wrong. Hell, you're not even into the having-any-friends thing, because no one sane would consider someone who self-medicates too much and drinks even more as a valid acquaintance. So, no chance of you being able to get some quality time between the sheets with a willing partner.

Somehow, you're just fine with that.

No, you are well and truly fucked because the pink-haired Witch from your nightmares has somehow triggered your time-stopping ability - in order for her to manifest directly into reality. In fact, she's right on top of you, straddling your thighs, her gloved hands on your shoulders - in a rather uninvited simulacra of the Mile High Club membership process.

Midori was wrong. No one should be born with YOUR luck.

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You are a Magical Girl, and you've just finished reading pornography on your flight to Kamchatka, Siberia.

Widely-published lesbian pornography, at that.

Widely-published lesbian pornography featuring you and your stuttering, blushing, almost-reduced-to-tears subordinate. Your own subordinate, who you have a lot of reason to believe is the party responsible for aforementioned lesbian pornography, and coincidentally sitting just beside you. Well, somewhat beside, there's a narrow aisle between you, but she's easily within arm's reach. She's got nowhere to run, unless she considers throwing herself out of the plane is a viable escape route.

Of course, with how she's looking like right now, she might be considering it, her eyes darting back and forth from you and the open doujin on your lap.

Iori was right. It's so hard to find good help these days.

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You are a Magical Girl, and you're currently in the air, en-route to Siberia. You're inside a rather spacious and very luxuriously-furnished Learjet 85. It's the company jet, not some impromptu chartered flying coffin - you figured that out from the garish logo glossily imprinted on its hull, as well as the fact that nearly half of the passenger seating has been taken out to give its fortunate occupants all the leg room they could possibly need, and more.

It's just a shame that they couldn't have used the extra space to install a wet bar in this damn thing.

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