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How do we fix white people?

How do we subvert the "white people trope"?

How do we make white people interesting again?

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I believed.

So, plotwise, he's a bro version of Bolas?

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>Don't listen to these guys. We need rules to PROTECT us from the DM
Bullshit. A good GM works better when not tied down by a bunch of rules. A bad GM is going to run a bad game regardless of how many rules you throw in his way. Attempts at encyclopedic rules inevitably lead to a confusing clusterfuck that entirely fails to achieve the fairness and balance it seeks, while making the game laborious and unwieldy in the process. It's like trying to program a robot to do even simple human tasks.

If you are in a war with your GM, you *will* lose, at least if he's committed to it. Yes, it's good to have a basic mechanical framework for clarity and consistency, but putting in a bunch of restrictions or rules that are highly case-specific is generally not helpful.

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Mr. Smug, when you try and argue about how monsters are so OP that 1v1 (in a co-operative game, no less) a particular class can't beat the monsters, and people point out that there aren't even any monsters in basic...

Your argument is pretty much fucking shit.

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Three posts that are your strawman deflecting away from the Orb of Annihilation and thereby unrelated to the point?


0/10, great way to address the point.

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/tg/ obviously Pathfinder or Dark Heresy
/m/ BESM
Every other board: FATAL

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Ooh, and that's why he fights Raiden to the death instead of explaining it, it all makes sense now.

dlc fixed everything

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"Attack things they don't like" implies they know even rudimentary elements of their argument..

Not >Hate everything

My god.. you're.. you're like an unenlightened buddha.

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>my problem is actually talking in a way that he would talk and saying the things that he would say.
Chances are that you're just too uptight about it. As long as you seem a little angry when your character is angry (speaking loudly, eyebrows furrowed, gesticulating forcefully, etc.) and so forth, that's all you really need. You're not an A-level Hollywood or Shakespearean actor. You're not giving a literal portrayal of your character. Hell, chances are that your character isn't even speaking English. You're there more to "suggest" what your character is doing and saying: giving an understated hint that is nevertheless enough for others to extrapolate from and picture what your character is truly behaving like.

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Skills should be balanced in terms of power and utility in game. How hard they are to master in real life should not be a factor (with a possible exception for extreme cases, where there is a danger of seeming silly or ruining immersion).

In most games, I favor having two or three different levels / costs of skills, even if it's just "normal, useful skills" and "over-specialized and relatively useless skills", with the latter costing half as much as the former. Even if getting both "dancing" and "cooking" doesn't measure up to just getting "acrobatics", at least you're getting more flavor. Alternately, when people make their characters, I just give them some background points which must be spent on shit that's relatively useless to adventuring.

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>3) Potential bathroom break every hour, if there's an appropriate point to have a break in the story.


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This is how I dervish dance

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>tfw I play with a white guy who paints all his guardsmen black

dat white guilt

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Making a black white token standard, i am REALLY new to tournaments. so I'm starting with something simple. for causal deck i plan on building a Blue green white exalted/ cascade, that runs some of all five lands for that seriously broken 5 color shit and that one enchantment that the first spell you cast during our turn has cascade

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I played this a few years back with an old buddy of mine, i don't play the game anymore. I still have friends that play it, been thinking about getting a deck. i have NO idea how to play it anymore, someone mind explaining it to me?

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