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Gagner la Guerre

best fantasy book I've ever reead (not translated in english unfortunately)

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If you can read French, read the books of JP Jaworski, "Janua Vera" (read this first) then "Gagner la Guerre". Basically the best fantasy books ever written in my opinion.

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So basically, the book is a fusion of two books: Janua Vera, a collection of short stories presenting the universe created by the author (litterally all of them are absolute top tier), and Gagner la Guerre, a book that is a sequel to one of Janua Vera's short stories. The protagonist is Benvenuto Gesufal, spymaster and bodyguard of the Podestà Leonide Ducatore, one of the most illustrious figures of the Republic of Ciudalia, which has just won a long war against a foreign nation. The time has come to share the spoils among the various senators, patricians and generals who took part in the war, and the epic naval battles give place to plots, betrayals, assassinations and twisted political maneuvers to emerge richer and more influential than ever from the post-war period.

Incredibly well written, amazing characters and plot, fascinating setting, litterally a 10/10 book. It always amazes me that the comic adaptation of the book has already been translated in several languages but not the book in itself.

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not Anon above but the answer is 'yes'

>Janua Vera & Gagner la Guerre

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