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Alright boys, you've been called from our sci-fi and fantasy divisions to make the news Chaos advertisement campaign. We need the new "Cultist Chan". It can be an ad, a slogan or anything else you can think of.

Bad Ideas get turned into Chaos Spawn

Successful additions will be given a daemonic mark from your choice of god

Great campaigns get promoted to Daemon Princehood.

Lets hear some pitches

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Lorgar once owned an Avatar?

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oh god-emperor damn it.

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He died back in M31

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Word Bearers!

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I just made it relevant.

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fucking wordbearers always bothering us when we are trying to have our dinner

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Worry not, friend. There is a place for you.

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Gentlemen, I'm in the mood to celebrate and looking to spend $200.00 - $300.00 and kick off a gaming chronicle of WH40K:RP.

Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, or Black Crusade? Also, which books are required for the core experience and additional character options?

I'll actually have female players off and on and I don't think they'd want to be shoehorned into playing Sororitas EACH time they play or remake.

/tg/ advice mode, goo!

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There are three types of Space Marines.

Those who are loyal to the Imperium and hate Chaos.

Those who are not loyal to the Imperium and embrace Chaos.

Those who are not loyal to the Imperium and haven't had enough time yet to be corrupted into embracing Chaos, but who inevitably will go down that path unless they repent their sins and beg the forgiveness of the Imperium, embarking on a penitent crusade to cleanse the chapter of their sins.

And once you've embraced Chaos there are only four options.

A death where you are forgotten.

A glorious ascendancy into being a Daemon Prince, who are still slaves but are really into what their masters require of them.

Becoming overpowered by your Daemonic Gifts and becoming a mindless, slavering Spawn and kept as a pet by your former squad mates.

And of those who manage to get themselves killed but are not fortunate enough that their souls are simply annihilated, they are doomed to be Furies, lost forever to the Warp in agony and despair.

I love my CSM army, but that shit is canon.

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Ok, not sure if I'm stupid or what here, but in the Chaos Space Marine Tactical Marine box, Which is the combi weapon? I want to put it on my aspirant alongside his powerclaw (I think I can do that?) But I can't discern which is the combi weapon. Does anyone have a picture or description on hand? Thanks in advance.

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So, here's the (hypothetical) deal, /tg/. 40k tournament coming up, in which all players field a 500 point army. The match structure is a standard tourny bracket, with each bracket being the best 2 out of three matches. To participate, all you have to do is turn in an army list of your choice, with the only requirements being that each side has one troop choice minimum, and three of any single slot maximum. The army will be provided for the day of the tournament.

The reward for first place is that you may keep the army you made, absolutely free, in brand new boxes as if it had just been ordered. All other armies will be kept by the store for demonstration games for future customers.

What list(s) would you use?

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One of my favorites.

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post ending in 52 decides the next addition to my chaos space marine army.

in thanks I will provide 40k pictures

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I think fun is more of what I want to go with for my army and vindicators sure seem mean when they get close enough.

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the fact that your arguing about que and not "ways to traditional game online" amuses me greatly. Now back into the queue for how do I the whole tradtional game?

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I am new to the whole 40K mythos but find it fasinating to hear you all discuss the gods of the warp. Can someone please be nice enough to give me a quick description of all the gods and what they want?

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1] Kill the Xenos, and take the chance to prove to the Guardsmen that the Tau are little more then animals who try to be human while hinting that such occurences will not go unnoticed and get them killed.

2] Shoot the Blighter

3] Attempt to negotiate, admit that any changes will take due time, then work from your level to try and improve conditions as long as they get back to work; if they don't, report it to the local authorities, kill them all, and replace them with prisoners

4] Burn the Mother, Burn the book, draft the boy to be part of the Eecclesiarchthingamagummycan'tspell

5] Get the boy to somewhat healthy standards then help him become an arbiter

6] Deliver the sword as ordered, I'm a fucking ignorant guard, how the bloody fuck do I know what's Xenos in origin and what's not?

7] Nothing, looking around probably realise that he's not the only one who does it. (If you read the novels, most guardsmen skip wherver possible due to conditions).

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