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Du magst es wenn wir uns winden, nicht wahr?

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True that.



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Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better later.

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I must have been too caught up in the excitement, because I was hit from behind. A large mutant with a club struck me on the back of the head. If it wasn't for the stimm I'd been knocked out, but I was able to keep going. I turned around sharply, and slammed my gun into his temple. I wasn't done. I reeled my weapon back, and then I pounded it into his skull. The butt of my gun hit him again and, it just became a blur from there.

When it was over his face was one with the soil and my weapon's stock as ruined. I had a fresh coat of crimson all over my body. I looked around and saw that things started to calm down now. For every one of us that had fallen we killed at least around five to twelve of them, which was good. Those of us that were left began to set up our little gifts for the mutants before we got out of there. I had just finished my third trap when they began to attack us.

The Sarge yelled for us to deploy smoke again, so I did exactly that. A white cloud surrounded us in no time. We darted away, although the enemy still fired blind at us when we ran back. One of my squadmates took a stub round to the leg, and being the courageous one I dove in to save her. The round had hit her in the knee, almost splitting her leg in half.

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Hah, I can agree. Im right now working with 2 guys with Pathfinder, but Its been so minor that It slipped my mind. 4.0, now thats an option...

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