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I smell... autism.

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There is no functional difference between the brig and any other room with a locked door. Only difference is who keeps an eye on him; us with cameras, or the doc through bulletproof glass.

But you seem to think that solitary confinement (usually handed out as a punishment) is the way to treat somebody who's gone bugshit, or that "crazy' is some sort of pathogen that can infect Dr. Hardass Don'tGiveADamn.

Also, that ugly asshole in all those pictures fails to impress. If you're going to use macros, there's better options.

There is literally nothing about you that does not annoy the fuck out of me. 11/10.

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"Then you should have had this conversation before we set sail. But you didn't, so here we are. So you either leave me be and let the savages be my test, or you try and throw me overboard, in which case I'm a man with nothing to lose AND in a corner, and you're the closest one to me. Your call. Make it."

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