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Anon sempai!

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Dumping tau picturez.

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...Well fuck, if losing your soul and denied sex for the lulz of it sounds good to you then more power to you.

I'm going to be on the winning team here with my human-bitchez, then sign up with a Rogue Trader and get Xenos Bitchez
>pic related, my waifu

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I need more blueberry pie

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Its an old picture. Another thing you might be noticing is not everyone who draws tau cheesecake for /tg/ is entirely familiar with the tau and sometimes /tg/ grabs cheesecake from other sources, leading to more variations on the theme.

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The tau might think that interspecies and intercaste relationships are a lot alike and the Ethereals would have none of that. Besides, they need tau populations up above all else.
But like >>24231335 said, they likely need more meatshields so its a nonissue.

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The list is obviously outdated.

It would need to be updated to the new codex, which makes a lot more options viable.

I've found a similar list on Advanced Tau Tactica.

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Is there any chance that the Imperium of Man will ally itself with the Tau, Eldar, and Dark Eldar in order to rid the galaxy of Orks, Tyranids, and Necrons?

And if there is, what would happen after the war was over, assuming they could win?

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A accurate firewarrior would be in armor, so you wouldn't know if they had a muscled body. Not that Tau a renown for their muscles, anyway.

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Come on, you know you wanna try it just once...

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>settle down with Tau girl
>follow her doctrine for the greater good
>It makes her happy
>Let her know that with all the hatred of the 41st millenium, that happiness is possible everywhere
>sad that we cant have kids, but it lets her and I follow our passions in life together

Years later...
>She is dying of old age, and I am halfway through my forties still a strong man
>She is sad that she has to leave me
>I tell her that I will find her on the other side
>Her hand goes limp in mine and I know she is dead
>Join up with IG
>Fight xenos
>Be stoic silent warrior
>Never speak to fellows
>Brutal in combat, angry at the world for taking her from me
>My hate and anger cause me to be furious in combat
>get promoted and augmented
>Gods and superiors wont let me die and join her it seems
>fight for another 40 years
>Find a tau that died with eyes open, I gently close them and say the Emperor's prayer for it
>Buddies in trench astounded
>Go back to work
>Buddies ask why I did that after working up the nerve
>I tell them that I finally know why I have lived for so long

"because someone very dear to me hasn't left yet, they are watching over me"

Another day in 40K

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Its blank. Why is it blank.

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Stop talking to it. It feeds off of attention. Thats why even brought up /mlp/ in the first place.

Deploying blueberries to save thread.

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They existed, but their evolution was shaped by an outside force.

Also, before anyone goes tossing up screenshots of Xenology, remember that the subjects of those autopsies were stuck in cells on a starvation diet for years before the (mildly insane) AdBio guy cut them up.

Also, by that same book I may be wrong. The Tau were made (altered, if you prefer) by a species described (in translation from a history of a horrid spider/wasp type species) as "taller and thinner than humans"... This was assumed to mean Eldar by an inquisitor who had no exposure to DE or Necrons, and the translation was handled by a Necron masquerading as a human to begin with.

>implying the Half-Eldar Ultramarine Librarian/Astropath isn't cannon just because you don't like it and it's fucking retarded.

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Man, Inquisitor Thrax is one sexy couger...

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...maybe. You got any more of these things?

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OP Here, so basically everyone agrees on the list except for configs for the suits?

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Are there female firewarriors /tg/? If not, does the fluff mention female fire caste at all? What do they do?

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Do the other races of 40k know love and have families like humans? Or is it all foul and debased xeno mating rituals?

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Last thread's still up, so you're good.

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