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>Green, mean, and immune to death?
I think I have seen something like that..

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So what do we wnat to see in Tome of Decay/Despair/Plague?

We will likely see Plague Marine profiles, maybe a disease section similar to Tome of Excess' Drugs section, as well as more poisoned weaponry.

Personally, I'd like to see more varied option in receiving the Fly Lord's favor beyond simply infecting people, such as making impossible toughness tests, or driving people to betrayal, or deliberately foiling your own groups plans, much like Khornate characters can Leeroy Jenkins.

I'm also hoping for some Tyranid profiles, maybe the adventure could be on a space hulk? But that may be too close to Broken Chains.

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I've got a question for 3.5/Pathfinder players.

Say you've got a piece of magic armor, and you wish to add more magic to it. Now, should the Craft check fail, is the magic armor destroyed along with the X gold piece worth of materials for the upgrade?

And before you tell me to boost my Craft ranks and take 10 and all that jazz - we have a rather autistic DM who doesn't allow taking 10/20, AND he rules critical success/fail into skill checks. And I have rotten luck with the dreaded d20.

Pic related - it's what I'm scared will happen to muh equipment.

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Since the Fa/tg/uys are the people I come to to learn about RPGs and hear stories; I was wondering if any of you have some good stories of roleplaying a character that's the opposite of you or encompasses something you're afraid of.

Example: I've always been a bit of a germophobe, diseases and the idea of catching a really horrible one has always freaked me the fuck out. But in the Black Crusade game I'll hopefully be joining soon I'll be playing as a devoted follower of Nurgle with plagues, poxes, and all those Nurgly things.

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Any indication of how expensive shipping would be also appreciated (resident of Australia)

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I really gotta thank you /tg/

I saved almost every picture in the thread so I could expand my pathetic WH40K image collection.

You all deserve something in return. Have a few Plague Marines.

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Nurgle being the god of disease makes sense in Warhammer Fantasy - disease was fucking scary, and if its anything like our past, Nurgle would have a much higher kill count than Khorne.

In 40K, disease doesn't seem that 'scary', even with all the backwards medicine. The only thing that 'works' is the zombies, and disrepair.

I'm just pissed that in Black Crusade, EVERYTHING a Nurglite heretic can do to get ahead is disease related. I want more emphasis on 'surviving everything, anyone, anywhere - I'm so tough I drink VX and eat nails without milk' than 'oho - I shit on the king'. Disease should be the result, not the cause, of following Nurgle.

In that light, has anyone done such a shift in emhasis- either Black Crusade or your army's fluff?

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Characters are the least important thing about WHF.

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Huhuhu, For the Lord of the Maggotkin!

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Out of all of the Ruinous powers, Grandfather Nurgle is the only one to truly care for his followers - nay, family.

The Plague Father protects.

We are all his children.

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>In the embrace of the great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once most feared: Death.

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>The bolts from our guns shall be as thick as flies on a corpse, our followers shall be as numerous as maggots on rotting flesh and news of our victory will spread through the armies of our enemies like a plague.

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I was wrong. My last one isn't guard.
Hell, it's not even 40k. It's Fantasy.

But fuck, it's cool.
>stink "canonical"
Yeah, captcha. Nurgle's stink is canonical.

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I just sneezed in my room mate's shirt pocket.

Feelssss gooood mannnn....

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Contributing a Nurgle-y wallpaper.
Cheers, WHF fans.

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And a wallpaper to top it off.
Keep it trucking, fellow Death Guard.

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Worry not, planning on adding a shrine/cannon for future list-expansions. Just helluva lots to paint already (no I ain't satisfied with single wash/highlights).

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Any shots from the back?

Planned the colorscheme yet? Might want to sculpt in some more sticking out details, unless you're really fond of blending large areas of flesh. ;P

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>In the embrace of the great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once most feared: Death.

'Pack of queers' indeed, imperial scum.

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