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Alright /tg/ I'm going to do it!
I'm going to make the biggest/best mistake of my life and start up 40k.
After reading up on the fluff and deciding I have a probably-not-entirely-heterosexual-man-love for Sanguinius I have decided to go with Blood Angels... I'm not sure if it's still cool to hate Blood Angels for being OP but if it is? I don't care cause Dat Primarch.

My only question is, does anyone have any pointers for some one who's never played before?
Tips on what would be a good list to start with?
General tips for Blood Angels?
What would be a good set of paints to buy?
And anything else you can think of.

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And wings too.
According to one gay gay at least.
And the pink triangles are what the Nazis forced them to wear in death camps. They didn't quite chose that one.

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So, /tg/. I'm having a problem with my 40k shenanigans. I was quite capable of putting together an original IG army. Hell, I could even go into the detail of naming NCO's and giving them backstory, so obviously I'm crazy and possibly autistic.

But now my problem is with Space Marines. Blood Angels to be exact. I want to work on my Blood Angel army, but I want to personalize it a bit, maybe my own proginator chapter, but every time I try to come up with what makes them different from the normal Blood Angels, I just blank. Try to come up with a Chapter Master, blank. I honestly cannot come up with anything for an original chapter, which strikes me as odd considering the amount of detail I was able to put into my Imperial Guard army.

Anyone else have a similar issue? How do you deal with it?

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Actually, as some who studies military history in his free time, 40k is actually a pretty awesome setting. No only is there plenty of warfare to go around, but it's warfare at it's most brutal, as well as being full of the type of pitched conventional battles that just don't exist anymore.

Personally, war interests me because it brings the best and worst out of people. It makes them heroes or villians, cowards or killers. The more brutal the conditions, the higher the peaks of valor and the lower the depth of barbarity.

Throw in the incredibly complex politics between the factions (even ones supposedly on the same side) and the immense amount of freedom you are given to customize your own force to your own liking and I'd say 40k is actually one of the best settings I've seen. It can be silly and poorly written at times, but it feeds creativity and never fails to provoke thought.

That and the setting is full of legitimate bad-asses. That's always a bonus.

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So, 40k lore question. Pointed mostly at the Blood Angels.

First question, I've read in previous lore that no Blood Angel has ever completely fallen to Chaos, that a Blood Angel who starts to fall will simply be a) Overtaken by the Black Rage and sent to a Death Company to die honorably or b) Be driven mad by the Red Thirst and spend the rest of his life in a secluded tower, thus meaning no Renegade or Chaos Space Marines come from Blood Angel stock, something rather notable. In the new Codex however, no mention of this. Is this still canon?

Second question, Vengence for Semmel. I imagine there must be some hints as to who the 'Betrayer' who aided the Eldar are, but I cannot find them. Who, most likely, was it?

Third, the Blood Angels seem to have a lot of contact with the Eldar, both good and bad. Indeed, they seem to cross paths with Eldar more then most other chapters and each meeting is a 50/50 chance of being friends or enemies. Is there any particular reason for this?

Fourth, just what IS in the forbidden tower they have? It's implied it is the Blood Angel insane asylum, where the Blood Angel to far gone to serve one last time in the Death Company as left to eventually die of old age, but considering their long life span, this seems somewhat cruel. Is there another reason they keep them alive? Another purpose to the Tower?

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I love when angels fly

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i swear this board used to have an image limit

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if you use the Sanguinor head won't you have to add long hair?

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Successor race. But not an altered animal or any bullshit. No. Space Marines. Space Marines are not technically human, so they should be immune to his bullshit. If they wouldn't be, we'll make them so. We take human DNA, tweak it, improve it, alter it to the point that not only does the curse not effect us, but we are all super humanly powerful.

Regeneration like wolverine. Huge IQs, Massive strength. 12 feet tall. Reflexes that would make hummingbirds cry. Just go nuts. Everything we can think of. Genetic memory for tech experts, so they already know everything they need to. Ability to survive vacuum for short periods. Breath water. All that.

Then humanity dies. And our sons and daughters sweep across the stars.

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Sanguinius was here. He said to tell you to go fuck yourself.

>What he's doing to a Greater Demon right now....

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So, I was putting together Blood Angel army, but looking at the Grey Knight codex, it strikes me that no space marine army could ever beat a Grey Knight army without specifically building to do so, and even then it would be tough. Since they all have power, no wait, they all have FORCE Weapons, the primary advantage of space marines is completely discarded against them.

Is this intentional? While I find it amusing that Imperial Guard are infinitely more effective against the Grey Knights then Space Marines, I don't understand how they really justify letting the Grey Knight basic unit (complete with Force Weapon, psyker powers and the ability to deep strike), cost 20pts, the same cost I pay for my Death Company troopers. Is there something I'm missing or is the Codex just fucked and destroys any other space marine army before the game even starts?

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So, explain something /tg/. I've been trying to decide between Blood Angels and Imperial Guard for forever now. Personally, when I look at the Codex's, Blood Angels seem pretty ridiculous. A lot of combos you can abuse the hell out of. Yet, more often then not, when I hear someone complain about an army (For balance reasons anyway), it's always about Imperial Guard.

This confuses me greatly. Am I missing something with the IG? They seem pretty decent of course, but nothing that strikes me as out and out overpowered.

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Hey /tg/, I've got a group together and we're playing Dark Heresy. I'm not new to RPGs, but I've never GM'd anything before in my life. My group is 100% new to PnP RPG games and Warhammer 40K.
So I'm wondering what I should set up for our first session? Should I use the quest put in the core rulebook? Since they're new, I don't want them to get bored too easily, but they have all expressed interest in playing evil characters right off the bat.

So I need your guys' advice on what to do here, and if there's any pre-made quests that would be good for them? Thanks in advance.

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Better pic for you.

>senior. HATERS

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Come on guys, I'm not even OP.

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I'm not a fan, and I wouldn't personally recommend taking more than one smallish unit of DC, but there's no reason it can't work. Go for it if you really want to.

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Wer zu Lebzeit gut auf Erden
wird nach dem Tod ein Engel werden
den Blick gen Himmel fragst du dann
warum man sie nicht sehen kann

Erst wenn die Wolken schlafen gehen
kann man uns am Himmel sehen
wir haben Angst und sind allein

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> mfw 5e faggots don't know about Sanguinius single-handedly holding the Eternity Gate while Imperial forces retreat into the Sanctum Imperalis and breaking a Bloodthirster's back over his knee which demoralizes the entire Chaos horde and makes them withdraw.

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Today, some big red wingged bastard broke my legs. FML

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Really? Tycho seems reasonable. I mean, in comparison to The Sanguinator and Dante, at least. and Corbulo is just a better Priest (thats twice as expensive, mind you).

And what is so bad about assault marines? I mean the rhinos will move 18" towatds the enemy and then the rhinos will get blown up and the assault marines will assault something. The Sanguinary Priests will give them Furious Charge and FNP, unless I'm mistaken. That seems pretty good to me.

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