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It seems like artists either draw men as MANLY STATUE OF MANLY BEHAVIORS or as effeminate whoresons and it's kind of jarring. I have pictures like this one that are all dark and brooding and so maaaaad

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Appreciate the dump. May post a few as well- probably orcs.

Man, I love Illithids. I wish there were an alternate universe where they weren't a reclusive and unrelentingly evil society of brain suckers, so I could play a squidman without being "that guy" and having it make no sense.

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OP here

I've been severely lacking on beefcake, the ratio of beef to cheese has been delicious in this thread.

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He turns to Mercutio the bisexual Halfling Bard and Ilseda the Elf Sorceress and grins, one hand absently smearing patterns of dragon blood into his gray-green skin. The blood trickles down his muscular body, steaming in the cavern's cold air.

"Kromgol is sorry," he says, a tinkle in his slightly askew eye. "Kromgol did not see you there."

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Hello /tg/

'tis my first visit here so ill intruduce myself, My name is Felix and i recently started playing d&d with my 3 siblings and a friend, we take turns in being the DM and are currently level 8, last session it was my turn and i decided it is time we meet some dragons, i love dragons, The adventure started off by a seren dragon-cult barbarian searching for the adventurers, meanwhile they were looking for a way to ressurect their paladin friend that ended up dieing on the session before, (abyssal-plauge and shit)

anyways i determined i wanted to play with swamps and omnious themes, the barbarian told the adventureres that he came from a tribe worshiping a great golden dragon and he had been sent to find heroes to help him with his quest to rescue an orphaned boy which had gone missing (And he is the son of the great golden dragon, tho they didnt know it yet)

oops to long post, splitting this into like.. 5

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How... did I not think of that? I'm an illustrator, for god's sake. Thank you

That is actually a really cool idea and it makes stat rolling a more novel experience. I can get behind that.

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