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>Making all this backwards-compatible won’t be hard. Every one of the primary designers has 20 to 30 years of experience designing for BRP and specifically for Call of Cthulhu. You will be able to use a stat block from any Delta Green book (or any other Call of Cthulhu supplement) in the Delta Green RPG without headache-inducing conversions.

>Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game will be written by me, Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Kenneth Hite and Greg Stolze, with contributions from John Scott Tynes and several other writers who excel at horror and conspiracy. It’ll be published by Arc Dream Publishing under license from the Delta Green Partnership.

>We don’t yet have a release date. I’ll announce it far and wide when we do.


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I'll go with one more night at the opera, thanks.

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So, I'm starting up a game of Delta Green/Call of Cthulhu with my gaming group. My scenario for the first session happens to have a particular monster in it, which I can't seem to find in the core rulebook.

What's odd about it, is that I swear I saw it in my friends copy of said book. The creature I speak of is 'The Thing'... You know, from the movie?

I've looked through my own book a few times now, and haven't been able to find it thus far. Am I just crazy /tg/? Or was it actually in there?

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>It will finally preach on a pyramid in a time of death.

Well, I don't quite know what this means but I know who to call.

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Think of yourself as the director of the play. The story is the focus of attention. The main characters, the PCs, are the ones setting the direction of the story, and occasionally driving it. When it is appropriate, a smaller character, the NPCs, come along to push it, to give it some direction. The setting is the stage and the props, and it gives life and context to everything that occurs. It anchors the story, and frames the characters.

The numbers and the dice are the man behind the curtain. They exist solely to let the play run, and nothing else. They have no place where they canm be seen, the play is always better for their invisibility, and in fact every time attention is drawn to them because they blunder into the spotlight, the play is all the worse for it.

Stop focusing on the numbers. They are just the tool that lets the narrative happen. The narrative is what people care about, and why they should care. You need to see yourself as a storyteller, not a statistician. As soon as you do, you will improve the game markedly. IT may take some time for you to gain theskills to do so well, but when you see this as your objective, and pursue that, instead of the useless and meaningless balancing of tables of numbers, the game will start to come to life. Any decent player will follow that, because the story is what they want out of it. Even the most victory-driven player wants the story, because that is what makes his victory an acheivement of worth, instead of a meaningless mark on a worthless piece of paper.

tl;dr Numbers are boring and stories are cool. Stop running the numbers and start telling the story.

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No dragon chart for me I suppose.

Anyways, I know next to nothing about Delta Green, but do you think any ideas from this abortion of a splatbook could be incorporated into making monsters for Delta Green?

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those are real world conspiracy theories. DG takes place in the same world as lovecraft's works so you would need to retool how the necronomicon became a pop cultural phenomenon . I like the 50 cells of Marduk thing, it reminds me of Hunter: the Vigil

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Cheesy is stretching it abit... or well that depends on your definition of cheesy.

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Because Ward decided that the reason mosty survivors of Grey Knight incursions were mindwiped or executed wasn't because of the fact that any situation in which the Grey Knights are needed is so far beyond control that everyoen there is damned, but because they saw the super-scret Grey Knights.

It's not the stupidest thing he's done, but it's still irksome.

I'm trying to build a proper Inquisitorial army like the one I used to have, with one Inquisitor Lord, a few handy pals, and a shit bus of ISTs. I just really like the whole feel of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers; guys who are basically Delta Green writ large. Maybe a couple of Alpha-plus Psykers using Daemonhosts and counts-as. But I can't help but notice that this army will probably suck at least as bad as it did in Daemonhunters, and suspect actually running it through the IG codex and Grenadiers may work better. Really, I just want an army full of black-armoured soldiers more akin to a wetworks group than an actual army.

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tg always delivers.

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Forgot my pic

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Can we have a Delta Green thread?

The one time I've played, I was Keeper and it was amazing. Chernobyl ftw.

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I lifted a plot for a Delta Green game pretty much directly from a VN I got from /jp/. Not, not Saya No Uta, the other one.

Just wanted to get that off of my chest. Just wrapped up the campaign, and I feel dirty.

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>wonder into thread
>see people talking about how the milship was infected
>state the canonical reason from the story before reading entire thread
>get called the lowest common denominator for defending the game

Its like im really on /b/

How is it "defending" the game when you simply talk about what happened in the story? So discussing something means you like and defend it now? Thats nice. It sounds like you are butthurt because people are enjoying a game you don't like.

Anyway to OPs original post. Pic related is what id use

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Hey, /tg/. Running a Delta Green game this Sunday. Party is currently one DG agent, a member of PISCES, and two others, yet undecided. I want to set it in Chernobyl, with something about finding the truth behind the meltdown and maybe dealing with ghouls. Beyond that, I've got nothing. Halp?

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Hey, /tg/.

I know jack shit about CoC bu really want to play Delta Green. What books do I need? Does Delta Green work with current edition CoC? What do I need to know?
Thanks in advance.

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I applaud you sir. That is Good End

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