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Based on the face mask, I'd say a Hospitaller.
I'd pay a maximum of $30 for a single Hospitaller mini that looked like this though.

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That is because your QM can't into spelling and noticing mistakes in his OP turn it around and it makes more sense, I'll fix it for next time.

.. Run. You suddenly yell, while pointing behind them: "Sister flora, why are you here!?" - a few of the oafs even turn around! - Nows your chance, you take it - sprinting for all you are worth, your heavy metal boots hitting of against the ground like pistons in an engine, a wide - sliding turn gets you on the metal - its easier to sprint here and you gain some ground on the oafs - but they soon catch and and all being to follow you!

Hearing them yelling at you, but not quite making out what they are saying in your adrenalin fuled state you continue your dash, onto the other side of the bridge.

>Which way now - they are moments behind you!

>Right! Towards the Schola!
>Left, into the thicker trees - lets loose them!
>Right ahead, there is nothing special but woods there, but perhaps further in?


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Fantasy player.
Going to get into 40k because I'm sick of
>Dark Elves
>Dark Elves
>Dark Elves
I'm going to play Sisters of Battle. I realize it's weak, but fuck it.
2000 point army. Anyone wanna post a "least terrible" list I can aim towards?
I can dump some badly scanned pages from the High Elf Heraldry book I have saved in return if anyone would like.

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Warhammer Fantasy player, looking to get into 40k on the side.

I like the aesthetic of the Sisters of Battle and don't care about being underpowered, but I play High Elf and Tomb King Fantasy-side and shooter armies are my thing.

1) Should I play Tau (which I'm fine with, but it's not my first choice) or go with Sisters for rule of cool?
2) How to begin? (Other than "buy the book)?
3) How to begin that army?

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Not to mention all the other orders in the Sororitas.

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there was 2 rows of the vostroyan if i see any more ill post it

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true, but it's more of an M for violence

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I guess I'm looking for a male version of this. But more grungy.

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Hospitallers get some sweet headgear.

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Damn straight Commisar Dog!

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I've got a terrible urge to play Dark Heresy. My FLGS is loud and very busy, and as such, is a terrible place to play any rpg. My local rp buddies could really care less about 40k lore (even though they play the tabletop) and I can't stir up enough interest to even run a game myself.

Basically, I need to find a group to play with online. I'm up for any of the 40k setting games (Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, etc). I'm a mild player, nothing too extreme. Help a fellow out /tg/!

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A friend told me there're vampires in 40K, and that they aren't Blood Angels. Is it true? is my friend shitting me?

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The Imperial administratum system must actively encourage corrupt aristocratic kleptocracies and intentionally empowers the indulgent and moral free merchant class. Any benevolent aristocracy that wouldn't sell out it's people for a penny and cared about their cultures well being would be a threat to the efficiency of the greater imperial hegemony.
It is a bit terrifying to think the incompetence and corruption on the system level is probably intentional.

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"I love dicks up my ass!"

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For fluff purposes it is quite easy to have an all scout army.

The Black Carapace has degenerated over the centuries since founding and despite the very best efforts of the chapters apothecaries nothing has stopped this decay.

There are still a few whose Black Carapace works properly. All still have it implanted becasue it offers some limited protection to the innards. There are still a few left who predate this genetic mutation.

They now play to their strengths and field HUGE numbers of scouts. There are 850+ out of the 1,000 who go to war with carapace and sniper and only ~150 clad in Power Armor and wield the bolter.

Very good at setting traps and killing without being seen. On one occasion they altered the diet of a regiment they were fighting alongside to include a variety of industrial compounds, inert to humans. The orks outnumbered them about 50/1 and they knew they would have to fall back eventually. And they did and the orks captured the bridge. Then they ate the corpses and it turns out the crap in the food had made their bodies extremely poisonous to orks. Then the bridge exploded.

Has very close ties to a number of minor non-militant convents.

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/tg/ will probably be like Comorroagh....hedonistic to the extreme, with inter-violence barely held in check.

But still, lovin these ideas. Im surprised /x/ has barely been mentioned, we need /x/! /k/ will come of course, but he will only come if we take /an/ with him too.

Considering how much we talk about mechanics and biology in /d/, /d/ can function also as a medicae arm of the empire
Also, moar patriot music

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Yeah, I know. I checked.

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Also, I'm not a fan of the Hospitaller GW sells.

How would /tg/ suggest I modify to make this style?

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In the dark grim future of the 41st millennium, would the space nurses be kind and caring people? Or would all the grimdark get to them and make them jerks like everybody else?

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