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>Captcha boopples never

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Mek boyz an speed freakz da boss is needin som 'elp ta krump da empraahs boyz.

He wunts to know how many deff koptas ya gitz use in yer waaaaagh. Da boss is finkin dat 2 squads of 3 wiv 1 klaw in each will be da cash plan. Wuts yur storys of krumpin wiv da deffkoptas? Yu fink he needs moar of dem klaws for choppin? Dey cost alota teef tho.

Fanks ladz.

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I'm pretty sure just because they're fungi doesn't mean they use photosynthesis to make food.

*cough cough* orks make their own ecosystem of squigs as their spores spreak *ka-cough*

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This is your warboss.

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