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4. Blood Angels: Flesh Tearers & Dreadnoughts

Gabriel Seth, 160pts

Librarian, 145pts
-Terminator Armor, Storm Shield
-Powers: Unleash Rage, Shield of Sanguinus

Sanguinary Priests 2, 140pts
-Both: Power Weapon & Meltabombs

Furioso Dreadnought, 170pts
-Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer
+Drop Pod

Furioso Dreadnought Librarian, 175pts
-Powers: Wings of Sanguinus, The Blood Lance

Assault 5, 150pts
-Melta, Power Weapon & Meltabombs

Assault 5, 155pts
-Melta, Power Fist

Assault 5, 145pts
-Flamer, Lightning Claw & Meltabombs

Death Company 10, 510pts
-Thunderhammer, 2 Plasma Pistols
+Land Raider Crusader

Death Company Dreadnought, 125pts
-Blood Talons

Death Company Dreadnought, 125pts
-Blood Talons

Vanguard Veterans 5, 230pts
-2 Storm Shields, Powerfist, Glaive Encarmine

Predator, 140pts
-Autocannon with Lascannon Sponsons, Dozer Blade

Devastators 5, 130pts
-4 Missile Launchers

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I miss the ol' rhino rush

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Depends, I for one plays as blood angels since 3rd edition so I have saved up a couple of spare pieces to use as decoration and I also use death company bitz to customise them. As for the combi weapons, I don't know which box have the most plastic ones, just remember that you can only use the other weapon once on a combi so make it count!

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blood angels, no tacticals, just assault squads and a big squad of death company in a stormraven that is also carrying a death company dreadnought with blood talons.
Nothing to take out tanks you say? bring a simple landspeeder with a multi-melta for only 50 points, hell I usually bring two

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Soon to be my Imperium (mixing IG and SM) army list, ridiculous, but hoping to strike fear into opponents and leave the IG player sobbing at his 50 some count army.

16x IG Veteran Squads
8x Veteran
1x Heavy bolter (friends are letting me fudge rules a bit here, don't need to take 2-man team)
1x Sergeant w/ Powerfist
1x Chimera Dedicated Transport
(Grenadier Doctrine)
180 pts.

1x Baneblade
500 pts.

Armoured Sentinel Squadron
3x Armoured Sentinels with autcannons
180 pts.

(Friend of mine painting SM minis and can't find list for them so this is somewhat fuzzy)

Devastator Squad
2x Missile Launchers
2x Heavy Bolters
1x Plasma Cannon
1x Autocannon
276 (Although this was points for back in 4th edition so not sure)

Tactical Squad
9x Bolter
1x Boltpistol/melee weapon
205 pts.

Death Company Squad
3x Power Fist
4x Close Combat
1x Reclusiarch
85 pts.

Tactical Squad
9x Bolter (although 2-3 may be close combat)
1x Sergeant

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All these things and more had preyed upon Elias Artegall’s conscience when the Revenant Rex tumbled into the Gilead Sector. Arch-Deacon Urbanto. Rear Admiral Darracq. Overlord Gordius. Zimner, the High Magos Retroenginericus. Grand Master Karmyne of the Angels Eradicant. Artegall had either received them or received astrotelepathic messages from them all.
‘Chapter Master, the xenos threat cannot be tolerated…’

‘The Mercantile Gilead have reported the loss of thirty bulk freighters…’

‘Master Artegall, the greenskins are already out of control in the Despot Stars…’

‘That vessel could harbour ancient technological secrets that could benefit the future of mankind…'

‘You must avenge us, brother…’

The spirehalls of the Slaughterhorn had echoed with their demands and insistence. But to war was a Space Marine’s prerogative. Did not Lord Guilliman state on the steps of the Plaza Ptolemy: ‘There is but one of the Emperor’s Angels for every world in the Imperium; but one drop of Adeptus Astartes blood for every Imperial citizen. Judge the necessity to spill such a precious commodity with care and if it must be spilt, spill it wisely, my battle-brothers.’

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quite a few in this folder i'm skipping because they're in really weird dimensions

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Likely the best non-GW peice of artwork I have.

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We shall RIDE into battle and THIS will be our horse!

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Is there any Death Korp art/wall papers?

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fouth monathed
Got caught up in a game of dungeon crawl.
Another Priest of Zin dead.

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*rubs hands together eagerly* Lemme see what I got here...

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The army i was thinking of would look something like this:
command squad (with advisors)
2 infantry platoons
sentinel squadron
hellhound squadron
leman russ squadron
But I'm not too sure about my elites, or what weapons i should give my infantry units.

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