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I'm surprised nobodies posted this yet.

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You may wish to give this a read, OP. It's an old Paladin telling a young Paladin some of the things he may need to know.
Going straight Paladin is unreccomended. I reccomend you PrC as soon as possible. There are two blank levels at a time(not counting spells) after level 6.
For PrCs, I reccomend almost any Paladin-enabled PrC, as most of them allow your smite to continue levelling up. I personally like the Kensai(Complete Warrior), and Fist of Raziel(Book of Exalted Deeds)

As a matter of fact, if you can, and if you're starting at a low level, go with the Prestige Paladin from Unearthed Arcana.

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First of all, god I hate your notions of MMO terminology in a fucking tableop.
Second of all, I hate the Grey Guard. Either do the Paladin right or don't do it at all. There is no compromise, no middle ground, no "good guy who does bad things". That's not a Paladin. That's Han Solo, or Judge Dredd. There are no antipaladins, just angsty bitches who need to get slapped. There are no fallen Paladins. Just quitters. Either be a Paladin or don't be one at all, you puke.

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OP, find it in your heart. You know you have to read this. This is the best piece of advice that you could be given. In-character, too.

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Its a new PC with 1500xp, thats why I feel awkward asking for an Elite Advance for it. Usually, Elite Adv are awarded from roleplay whereas I want this as part of my background.
He is more of the Westerns gunslinging pilgrim not the sackcloth and poverty type. I chose Metallican Scum for dual pistols. Character wise he is more like a paladin in a galaxy that hates heroes.

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rolled 39 = 39

Don't be angry at your DM. This is a Deity-given opportunity for your character to develop and an awesome roleplaying opportunity. Your faith was in question to your deity. Have your character realize that he had a silverlining to his droning and apathetic moods. His deity still had faith in him, and he just lost that. He has something to strive for, be more pious, don't complain anymore, fight with your heart and soul. You will find your DM will probably regrant you your powers once he sees fit that you have regained your faith and wish to do good for the sake of doing good. Have your character begin to realize the good he is doing and recognize the people he is helping by doing good things. He will be much happier and sincere when you start roleplaying him as such. He will realize, whereas there is nothing but death and destruction where he goes, he still brings hope and happiness to the few that deserve it through his actions.

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I'm not sure! I kinda like the idea of a mostly peaceful guy who asks if the bandits would like to talk about this first before he painlessly executes them all. Then again, that would get annoying as hell and would most likely end with the bandits raping my character in most scenarios.

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I got some screencaps.


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Remember that punishment is the hardest part of being a Paladin. Many will disagree on this, but as a father does, you must know when best to flog, when to fell, and when a stern talking and a pat on the shoulder is in order.
Be a father, be a Paladin. This man has killed your family and your whole village. Vengeance may beget more vengeance from someone who knew or loved this evil soul. But that person would be in the wrong, for the crimes this person commited against you - against innocents, no less, are far worse than killing this man.

So it is your choice to kill him or not, and if you do you are not in the wrong. However if you fully believe he will turn himself to good, let him try it if you deem yourself merciful enough.

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Paladins implies not a servant of a god, though. It implies specifically a servant of a force of good and/or law. Or the ideas of good traits or lawful traits. Since good, law, chaos and evil are definable forces in D&D, certain personality traits are linked to them.

This doesn't mean that a lawful person can't be capricious, it's just not likely.[/disclaimer]
That being said, I don't like unaligned Paladins in 4e. I don't like Paladins of evil gods, and I don't like anti-paladins specifically for the reasons mentioned.
This is how you Paladin.

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I've always liked this short story about a paladin, written by a pretty talented anon.

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How to play an Ultramarine straight.

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To be honest, Warcraft's Paladins were very well written. They're probably the best part of the lore. Take an honest read into the Silver Hand, and play through WC 2&3.
And with that, my two cents on being a Paladin:

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I see you have some good starting material. For further inspiration on awesome lawful good characters, read Three Hearts and Three Lions. It was the story which had inspired D&D Paladins.
Haters gonna hate, but play Warcraft 2 and 3. The Paladins in that setting were written really well. Read up about The Holy Light and the Paladins further on WoWWiki. In that setting, pretty well any Paladin who isn't Arthas is awesome. Also play Baldur's Gate 2 and get Keldorn Firecam in your party. He's a beast mechanically, one of the most useful potential party members and he's also one of the best written Paladins in a vidya.
Read this as well.

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<---The Way of the Paladin

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Believe it or not, but mechanics are the smallest part of playing a Paladin, as /tg/ is already showing you. Here's the basic roleplaying elements of a Paladin, written out by anonymous.

The Paladin can be summed up in a couple ways: Warrior of a god, or the defender of good and the weak. Which way you take this will affect how your character behaves.

Mechanically, you have heavy armor, ways to hit evil really, really hard, buffs, healing, the ability to fight undead/turn them and debuff curing.
>Captcha: Zealous least
Yeah that's another thing, don't be a zealot. Passion is great, but single-minded zeal gets you nowhere and only burns you in the end. Though it makes you strong while you do it.

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Most societies has also usually had a general guide on "don't be an asshole" - it usually means being a courteous person, and helping other people. Society fundamentally works better when people strive to better not only themselves but the community they live in. This is where morals are important. With one set of morals guiding a community, people will be more organized and behavior will be easier to control in the society as a whole.

In short, morals are important for a society to function.

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If you aren't playing a Paladin like this, then you are not playing a Paladin.

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I have a hard on for the "Gunslinger" Paladin concept. Wish I could do with an Artificer in 3.5.

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Regale about exactly how you play the character. I would like to know.

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Paladins are good against evil creatures, but beware as their abilities tend to run out. You can only smite so many times per day, and you can only use lay on hands for a limited amount of hit points. Spell list gets a bit short, and only starts at level 4.

Paladins also require alot of stats: Strength, charisma, wisdom, and constitution specifically. Though wisdom need only be at 14.

But Paladins also have to follow by a code of honor and all that jazz. Which can be just as cool as it can be a distraction. See the image.

If you want to portray a Paladin, without using that Paladin base class, there are a few ways of doing that.

The first one is the most obvious: Be a Fighter/Cleric. My preferred deity for this is Kord, because he gets the War domain, and his favoured weapon is a great sword. Which is all kinds of cool, because you'll be hitting really hard.

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lol i got prevented from posting due to duplicate :P

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More Paladin music.
I've always been a sucker to play the old Paladin, especially in high level campaigns. I've played them as Fighters, as Clerics, Knights, and as Paladins. I have always looked at the differences in how the classes are made, as different ways to accomplish the same goal.

Clerics let their faith and convictions do all of the work. They themselves are not good in combat, unless heavily enchanted.
Paladins do rely on faith and convictions, but have more martial training than the Cleric.
Fighters spend all their lives training to smack evil bitches around really, really hard.
Knights defend those weaker than them, and also have lots of martial training.

That being said, my favourite Paladin has been a Paladin-proper, outlined with this image. I even had a squire of a much lower-levelled character, played by another player in a second campaign that I sent on errands. We even did this lecture for him.

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