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What is your favorite reanimation target? This guy never lets me down

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Tiny art bump i guess

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Does anybody have advice on improving this Modern Esper Control deck I've built? It's been on quite a restrictive budget, and I need to keep it that way. The lands are just what I've been able to pick up through trades/what I've had lying around, and I know it's not the best mana base, but I'm not about to sell my kidneys for perfect mana.

I've had things like Spell Snare and Rune Snag suggested, what would people recommend I replace with them? Also, the Quickens are just for the 1 mana cantrip, but does sometimes work well with Lingering Souls or even Supreme Verdict. I would obviously much rather have Serum Visions, but I just can't justify spending that sort of money on a playset.

Land (24)

1x Drowned Catacomb

2x Flooded Strand
1x Glacial Fortress
1x Godless Shrine
3x Hallowed Fountain
3x Island
1x Isolated Chapel
3x Plains
1x Polluted Delta
2x Swamp
2x Temple of Deceit
1x Temple of Enlightenment
MTG Card: Temple of Enlightenment

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2x Temple of Silence
MTG Card: Temple of Silence

TCG $2.37 | MTGO 0.18 TIX
1x Watery Grave

Instant (24)

2x Condescend
2x Dismember
3x Dissolve
2x Mana Leak
4x Path to Exile
3x Quicken
2x Remand
2x Sphinx's Revelation
2x Utter End
2x White Sun's Zenith

Planeswalker (3)

2x Elspeth, Sun's Champion
1x Venser, the Sojourner

Sorcery (7)

4x Lingering Souls
2x Supreme Verdict
1x Thoughtseize

Creature (2)

2x Grave Titan

Sideboard (15)

2x Detention Sphere
2x Essence Scatter
2x Mortify
2x Negate
2x Sanctimony
2x Stony Silence
3x Timely Reinforcements

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