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Anyone made Cultist yet?

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Is it, can be, buttseks time nao?

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who is that on the right?
pic related

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rolled 38 = 38

I'll post what I got.

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Has it really been so long since we've had a Cultistchan dump?

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thanks to the /tg/ cannon and the efforts of certain drawfags, 40K has sufficient Cute.

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I'm thinking either making a pissed off, cynical Night Lords Raptor, with a nasty sense of humor and bad attitude all around.

Or maybe I'll try going for the HereTek Priest obsessed with becoming the perfect killing machine through augmentation.

Fuck it, I'm making CultistChan.

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Hey /tg/, would you mind giving me all of your cultish-tan pictures?
Given that this isn't entirely pornographic, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get any results from /r/.

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where do new chaos space marines come from? they don't give cultists gene seeds as far as i know and no one just turns traitor with out the remaining loyalist turning on them and chasing them across the galaxy for honor. If they defeat there loyalist brothers there would only be a fewidh survivors. and after 13-15 black crusades you would think there numbers would dwindle down or something.

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hello friends! im looking in my CSM codex and it doesn't say what getting "marks of etc" for my chaos lord does for me... can some one point out the page or tell me the point. i remember reading about it, but now i cant find anything.......

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You guys want Cultist? Give me 5 minutes or less.
I'll give you 404 Cultist pictures. Including the '34.

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/tg/, I seek a little bit of input as to how I should go about a CSM army I'll be starting for Christmas.

My first priority is setting up a recognisable theme for the army, including background, characters and colour scheme. I have rule-of-cool stuff wrapped up for Christmas, including the codex, a box of Termies and a Terminator Lord. I plan to pick up a Defiler later.

In terms of background, I was thinking something along the lines of loyalist Marines being captured by Dark Eldar, breaking under (extremely) prolonged torture and eventually turning to Chaos for release. Cue deus ex machina, they escape, the surviving Marines form their own warband with the intention of basically making others suffer the way they did. I was thinking of calling them 'The Broken' or something. My concerns:

1- They may sound like whiney bitches.
2- They may be too much like Night Lords in practice
3- I'm not sure how to actually represent this through colour and theme, other than BLACK, BLACK EVERYWHERE.

If you could give some ideas, or help me to expand on what I have, it would be much appreciated /tg/.

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Cultist Chan plz

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>wake up
>praise to the Dark Gods
>praise to the Dark Gods
>praise to the Dark Gods
>praise to the Dark Gods
>praise to the Dark Gods
>praise to the Dark Gods
>praise to the Dark Gods
>praise to the Dark Gods
>go to sleep

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Hwee cah heelp hyoo

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Someone wanted a torturing?

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>Go to yard sale find 40K terrain pieces being picked over by everyone.
>Panic thinking I won't get anything.
>Walk away with 3 Icarus Lascannons, 4 Comms Relays, a Skyshield Landing Pad (pre-assembled and primed) and a Fortress of Redemption (also ready to paint)...
>for 30 bucks.

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