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How does a bump limit even work?

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Yeah, had her keep a black bra on during and she shouted "Fohor Kay-oss" at the end, had the accent going the whole time, and because of that I spent like 30 minutes continuous going down on her.
Fucking love drama club girls

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shameless self-bump

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>You are GMing Black Crusade
>In the first encounter, during the psyker's first turn, he wants to use a power for the first time
>perils of the warp
>he rolls 100
>Annihilation: The psyker is immediately and irrevocably destroyed, burned to nothing by the screaming fi res of the
Immaterium or dragged into the deepest maelstrom of the warp. The psyker may not spend Infamy to recover from this
death, he is irrevocably destroyed.
>There is a chance that a daemonic entity of some sort appears in the psyker’s place—
the type of daemon that appears is determined by the GM, based on how powerful the psyker was—more powerful
psykers draw more powerful daemons. The percentage chance that the daemon appears is equal to the psyker’s Willpower
characteristic (roll a d100, if the result is equal to or under the characteristic, the daemon appears)

What do you do?

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no. go away. i have a new friend.

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What's the bump limit again? Because, for the first time ever, we may hit that before image limit.

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uuuhhhh...thanks but no thanks. I'm cool.

It's a project that benefits from Not Sucking at sculpting. And the face is going to look properly snaggletoothed, but also...well, like a plastic daemonette.

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>All the chaos gods vying for your attention at once

Worship them all! I'm sure it won't have any adverse effect on your sanity!

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You may not be pretty,
You may not be smart,
But I love you so much,
You have captured my Heart.

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Did you get enough?

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The Dark Gods send us to hyelp! Hwee hwill beeld float for CHAOS!

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Fine, fine. You are here for our women? Here take this one.

We don't have any wine, the elves drank it all, we do have some ale left over though

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too much cuteness

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Best mascot /tg/ has ever had.

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The great game is the perpetual motion machine that fuels chaos, and though none of the gods of chaos ever wins, they also never lose. This is the eternal war.

Chaos can't be defeated ultimately. It can be driven off, but never defeated.

The denizens of the warp can wait just as long as any necron for things to sway their way again.

The Tyranids are like locusts, they will feed and move on. The Orks are orks, in a sense they've already won, because they are living the type of life any ork would want already. The Tau are a blip, they don't matter. The Eldar are all but extinct, they also don't matter. Humanity won't be extinct without the Imperium, it will just be subsumed by Chaos.

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Black Crusade minion thread?

In desperate need for ideas.

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Actually, what would cultist's stats be as a Lesser Minion of Chaos?

I suggested that one of my friends get a minion to carry his gear. I told him to give it enough strength to drag around his power armor, but not so much that it was easy.

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>Implying someone can ever be "a little" guilty.

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Don't forget that the great game is meant to power the gods of chaos and keep the warp turbulent. In the empyrean, perpetual motion works.

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