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So do we genuinely not have any information on the Blight Hauler.

Literally every other model from the codex got released week after week. This is the only unique model left and it seems to have been forgotten. The only precedence we have is all SM releases were done in a row, and then all of the other DG releases were done in a row.

Why all of a sudden did this model just fall off the face of the earth.

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>people actually trying to claim different chapter tactics depending on whether or not it gives them an advantage
Wut? Is this really a thing?

I just... wut.

Also, as an Ork Freeboota who is full 'Your Dudes' with his army I am suddenly concerned by this 'x group only gets this benefits because they're in x group', especially when the Index has some bizarro keyword associations in it.

Mad Dok Grotsnik aka Ghazzy's "personal physician" has the Deathskull keyword for his Klan, which makes absolutely zero sense to me.

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dats not roight

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> Be me.
>end July release comes out with 2 awesome models, paladin and 40 year witch.
> can only get one due to waiting for money from new job in September.
> get paladin cos it had less copies left and thought that I'd be safe till mid September.
> check last week for witch, still 250 copies left.
> new release this week.
> witch is gone
> MFW.

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>Tau and Necrons more popular than Orks

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How big are ork kommandos? Nob size, or boy sized?

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>Roll 1 on Streetwise
>Don't immediately cut public spending

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What good is something that's not shooty or choppy?

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>Kunningly Brutal
>Better than Brutally Kunnin

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Forced consent isn't real consent.

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Is this real?

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Looks good but why is gun just a rectangle?

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THAT'S A GRUDGI...Wait, I'm no dwarf. I can't have gruge...Haaa maudite soyez vous sombre sorcière ! En vérité, justice seras faite !

But yeah, I suppose it's wouldn't be so hard to lure Bretonnian knight here.

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your weebposting is escalating a bit too much, m8, tone it down or else I'm going to mork your gork out.

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Wait so was his penis also money? not his teef?

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though the question remains, albeit not in its rethoric form: why do people use the name elves or orcs to refer to things that are wildly different?

what are the elven or orcish aspects that are in the end mantained to connect them to the name in the first place? can we round up a maximum common denominator of what is an elf, orc and dwarf through all the representations we have?

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anon, I think he was being sarcastic.

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>so they are Ork/Tau/Necron tier in that they're only targeted for self defense or when other sources are unavailable (remember the Gods still benefit from the emotions generated by their own followers so it's not a total waste of time).
>implying Orks are anything like the Tau/Necrons to the Ruinous Powers
I mean, the only one of the big Four who can actually get the boyz attention is ol' Khorne Nurgle ended up getting worshiped by Feral boyz through an icon of Nurgle one time by accident (they thought they were worshiping Gork n' Mork... somehow), but they're feral boyz, and they're dumb gits even by Ork standards, so it doesn't really count. There's a some canon Freeboota Stormboyz-types who decided they like Khorne's doctrines and worship him AND Gork n' Mork.

Only reason Gork n' Mork don't really get upset over this (along with Khorne keeping Tuska Daemon-Killa around) is because Khorne's a war god like them as far as I can tell anyway

The other Ruinous Powers?
Uhm, if Tuska Daemon-Killas Waaagh!! INTO the Eye of Terror (still looks insane every time I type it), Orks don't exactly fall to Tzeentch's scheming/Slaanesh's temptations/whatever Nurgle's got cookin' in his pot at the moment.

>Having skimmed over a dozen Tau 8th battle reports, yes. Tau have gotten tabled turn 2 or turn 3 in every one.
Considering I heard from one of my 40k-inclined co-workers that the dominant armies right now are Necrons and Orks, I'm not surprised by this. Tau got too used to camping for several editions, and now it's biting them in the ass big time.

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You're telling me we didn't have a Faction Focus for the standard marines yet?

The Orks, Nids AND the Tau got their faction focus before the beakies?!

This is highly amusing to me.

>Tau rules and points costs got leaked, they got nerfed HARD. A riptide is 300+ points minimum
>300+ pts MINIMUM
If the average player plays 1500 pt games (I used to just play quick 1,000 pt games back in the days of 4-5e, so 1,500 pt games sound insane to be honest), having a Riptide's total point count take AT LEAST 20% of your army value is a pretty damning nerf.

Any other faction rules/point costs get leaked recently? I see SM's codex just did, but what about the rest of us gits?

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>Ghazzy and Angron busy throwing down
>suddenly Grimgor comes in and boots Ghazzy into space and Angron onto the Old World
>mfw Grimgor punts Angron so hard it sends him into another dimension

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lets say I've got a unit of large models with 3 wounds each and after some events they have to suffer a total of 6 unsaved wounds that inflict multiple damage, respectively rolling

how many models die?
4 because they suffered 12 wounds or 3 because a model that got hit by the shot that inflicts only 1 damage then need the next one (that multiplied into 3) to die and wounds do not carry over?

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