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If a jump I'm making has a companion option to import a non-human companion into the world as one of your Pokemon, should I make a create-a-pokemon supplement to go with it or should I just let people do whatever?

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>Finished painting 2k Tau, moved to CSM
>Finished painting 2k CSM, decided to remake my Thousand Sons
>Convert, custom base and scratchbuild a ton of shit for them
>Paint 2k then immediately stop playing main 40k
>Convert/paint 2 Kill Team Rosters
>Only have 1 person to play against, now 0
>Fuckall backlog, resorted to doing a commission of a full KT roster just to have shit to paint

I have been TOO productive. I actually have some packages on the way just to rebuild a small but varied backlog. Samurai from Bushido, a vampire counts starter and some Pathfinder druids.

It's a legitimately weird feeling. Until 3 years ago I'd paint 2 models a YEAR and hate it. Then I started hating the game and loving the brush, almost overnight.

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>ZM for . . .

4PM-8PM GMT weekly, either Mon, Tue, Fri or Sun.

Text on Roll20. Ideally voice for OOC, but not necessary if it's too scary.

Brothermanhyll#5147, room will be created at a later date.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a roleplaying game about discovering what truly matters on the inside in an ongoing struggle to outrun your problems. These problems include self-doubt, figuring how to get through the daily grind and most importantly hideous monsters from beyond nightmares who wish to feast upon your very flesh.

In other words, survival horror.

This particular tale is set in a remote research facility in the year 1972.
The players, who are part of the facility staff, are thrown into a cascading nightmare when an insidious experiment is let loose inside the underground complex.

They must combine their skills in an attempt to escape this elusive threat, and on the way they will discover what truly lies beneath the skin of their fellow workers and the facility as a whole.

Get a bit of Half-Life, throw in some System Shock and a bit of Xtro and you're pretty close to what i'm going for. Exactly how badass you want to be will be discussed with the players.


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Guys, can dice get worse with age? I've had one of the GW dice cubes since about mid 5th, so about 7~ years. I haven't played that many games at all (less than 30 for sure) and when I told my friend I get bad rolls he seemed concerned and told me to get new dice as they can get knocked or something.

I do have terrible dice luck. Is there a mathematic way to test if this is true of mine?

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Man of Theseus sounds good, but what about the man part? The people being used as building blocks should be alive as well, and i don't know any plutomancers who could convince them to sell their bodies bit by bit for my project. My first idea would probably go to a hospital to find a supply of comatose/braindead people to use as flesh banks.

Then again perhaps with some precision tampering i could make my own braindead people to use as building material.

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I know that feel, but apply it to an actual film script. The screenplay itself isn't the problem as it's very technical with a set format but the treatment? Write the story as if you're reading a book. Very prose-y.

>Tfw I keep writing in short, matter of fact sentences with lots of fucking commas.

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>Checking ebay for some deals
>Find some
>Always thought it impossible to get any good deals because of bidding snipers
>See latest sold models
>10 metal Tau pathfinders sniped by one guy 7 seconds before sold
>His history is full of miniatures
>See Riptide by same seller
>Sniped by the same guy 6 seconds before it sold
>Someone else counter-sniped him 4 seconds later, 2 seconds before bidding closed
>His history is even longer and also full of miniatures

Yeah, fuck that.

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Do you ever look at the models you've yet to paint and see the regular troops and the like normally.. but then you glance at the "centerpiece" models in the army and get real worried your skills aren't up to scratch and you'll make it look terrible?

And it's bad because it ties the whole thing together, man.

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>Meet Elminster in Throne of Baal
>admits you can kick his ass

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>Meet Elminster the final time in Throne of Bhaal

>He admits you can kick his ass

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>lecherous old alchemist

My character becomes a god not in the sense of spiritual ascension, but by creating a mutated fungus that can thrive in any environment, realizing his life-long goal of making a creature that can survive the mysterious great dark in the sky. This fungus survives in a series of underground caverns, wherein it is brought to the surface by explorers once they find it can cure common illnesses through consumption. They worship it as a deity of love and affection, convincing others to visit the sacred caverns of the god who granted them this miracle food. The fungus also adapts constantly so it can grow more efficiently, which it does in the presence of deceased flesh. Therefore, those who enter the caverns are soon after attack by prior visitors, who have contracted a venereal disease akin to gonorrhea that causes their genitals to swell to immense sizes. No longer in control of their own mental faculties, these fungal hosts then explode upon the visitors, not only preparing more fertilizer for existing fungus but also infecting others, repeating the process. The religious sect keeps themselves free of this by sending in visitors by themselves, only going in to carefully harvest the fungus. Unfortunately they too are mentally-impaired as a result in ingestion, curing themselves of ailments only to receive bursts of serotonin whenever they bring more prospective members to the caverns. This fungus soon after spreads to environments unlike underground caverns at all, becoming commonplace in jungles, deserts, tundra and even the arctic, enveloping the planet and soon after sending spores into the vast emptiness of space.

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