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I just got a new harddrive. Need to fill it with 40k images.

40k image thread?

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This thread amazes me. I never realized this many people can get so upset over something as seemingly irrelevant as painting. My friends and I have never had a problem playing against people with unpainted armies. I mean, not all of us can spend all day on our figurines.

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Purity through flames. A common Ecclesiarchal saying. Well, Consessor Lucien Romanov agreed. On the penal planet of Voltaire XVII, Confessor Romanov was the leading authority, overseeing the penance of upwards of a hundred thousand criminals. Regular flame trials were held, where the criminals would be baked alive in burning pirity seals.
Late in M.39, Romanov came up with the idea that his criminals could be put to better use in combatting the Imperiums enemies. But high desertion and murder rates forced him to re-evalute his tactics. So, every man, woman, or cross-breed who joined his penal legion underwent surgery, implanting a meltabomb beside their heart. If the pulse stopped, the bomb went off. If the trigger went too far from it's custodian, the bomb went off. If a CO felt the legionnaire was misbehaving, the bomb went off.
This made for some interesting human bombs, and the desertion rate almost completely ceased. But Romanov wasn't satisfied. Too much money being wasted each time a soldier died. Using his clout within the rusted machine of the Administratum, he procured a fleet of vendettas, and grav-chutes. Now the Sunsear Cavalry fall from the skies in jet black armour, disappearing in balls of flame or living to die another day.

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How about that. I just made a post almost identical to this.

I lol'd.

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>I then wrote a story - I believe it's a very exciting story - about a mission where everything goes a bit grim, dark and far futuristic,
>everything goes a bit grim, dark
>grim, dark
I'm sold.

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What kind of benefits would your average Guardsmen receive?
Medical is a given, but do they also receive dental? Does the Guard help pay your college loans back? And what kind of benefits do their children receive?

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"Quantity has a quality all its own."
"One death is a tragedy; one million is a statistic."

-both by Stalin

Pic seemed appropriate,

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This thread is amazing, makes me want to play a couple games and grief my friends.
Three russes in a thousand point game, add a valkerie plus two times as much troops, ogryns and yarrick for a two thousand point one.
I love IG.

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