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lets make 40k lso

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Because it is fucking awesome...

ladder + titan = ladder for titan.

And, we have all had dreams about ladders for titans....

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And another

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I cant beleive noone has posted this yet...

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Here's my guide to starting 40k the proper way. First, head over to www.games-workshop.com and click on the Warhammer 40,000 tab. On the left hand side there will be various options you can select, so open the one that says “Armies.” Look at the models that every single army has and decide which army you like based on that. After all, you WILL NOT have fun with an army you dislike the look of, no matter how strong it is. Once you've chosen an initial army, download its codex from [rs]. Last I checked every single one was on there, in varying degrees of quality. Read that, and make sure you like the fluff (background information) of the army. Don't worry about the stats for now. Then, if you're still feeling good with the army, find a forum that is dedicated to it. For example, the Tyranids have Warpshadow, Space Marines et all have Bolter&Chainsword, etc. Go to their section about army lists and read the criticisms of 500-ish point lists and find out what units are good and what aren't. Then make your own list. You don't even have to understand the rules at this point. Just make something that looks good. Then post it either on that fan site, explain your situation, and get critiqued, or post it here if you don't want to bother registering for a site. 4chan is helpful, but much less so than dedicated forums.

Now that you have your list (no doubt after much refinement) it's time to make some models. The real deal costs a lot of money, so start by constructing units out of Legos, paper and cardboard, bottles of paint, etc. Try and make your proxy pieces about the same size as the models would be in real life. You can judge the size by asking anons to measure their models.

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Yes, I don't mean to confuse you. You could bump your medic abilities. You begin with Medicae as a trained advanced skill.

I'll continue listening to arguments

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Whelp, 1 more picture or so and then I'll let /rs/ take over and let this thread fade to page 20

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There are two main ways to breach the hobby. Number one is to play the Dawn of War video game (preferably the first one, since it's an RTS, not an RTT). That's how a lot of the recent players got into it, including myself. Just be warned that it's not 100% accurate in presentation of the fluff, and it could take years to break those wrong perceptions.

The other is to read the Eisenhorn trilogy by Dan Abnett. It sounds like you're already vaguely familiar with it, so I'm going to go ahead and recommend this one. Currently the best series in the fluff, if not the best book ever (that would have to be Titanicus, by the same author), and is an ACTUAL book, not just a trash novel.

>cordial bustage
...how is it that I can't come up with a witty comment for this Captcha

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You are inferior to this wallpaper.

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We are the pimpest of speesh pimps, we are the guardians of the purity in the Imperium of Man

We do not eat cooki........ wait is that some chocolate chip cookies ?

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Four on four? I can do that.

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Is this what you wanted?

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WARNING! I have not slept for 64 hours, and all ive done during that time is paint, my english/grammar might be unreadable, please bear with me. WARNING OVER!

Hey /tg/ i need your help badly. About a month ago i finally got hooked on WH40K again. I simply couldnt stop painting/converting Marines, Grey Knights, Imperial Guards, whatever i had in my bitz box!

Soon enough however i had to go to my local game store to get more stuff to paint. Most of the people there were decent people. Except 1 major douche bag. He is a power gamer, rules laywer, a terrible painter/coverter, fat, ginger, and he always smells like sweat, fish, and paint.

He simply could not understand why i spent several hours on 1 minature, when i could simply just spraypaint my army 3 different colours, and find the best list avaliable online. He meant that good fluff, and good minatures were a waste of time. All that mattered to him was winning

So what i need is the cheesiest marine list (BA, SW, vanilla, Greynight, whatever) you guys can come up with.

TL;DR: I have 3 months to make a well painted, cheesy marine army, with good fluff. So i can a douche bag in a tournament. I beat him in 2007, and with your help i can beat him again!

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Time to save the mutha fucking day!

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