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It was possible for the original Primarchs to have kids?

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Buddy cop movie about a Space Marine, Inquisitor, Lord General and a Techpriest who drive around solving crimes.

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Will Warhammer 40K be as mainstream as Star Wars or Star Trek?

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>Implying we should hide from our enemies


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Just looking, I can see quite a few you missed.
Like the Inquisitorial Representative's cane's head, and his chestplate, and so on.
Now another challenge.
Count the skulls.

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Swagger: on.

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Clearly this does not have enough skulls.

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Man, you must be physically tired too. Look at the image that post came with. Now read what the poster wrote. You got trolled hard. But anyway, I have to agree with what you said regardless.

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I'm not an expert on Warhammer fluff, but from stuff I've gathered on lexicanum and /tg/, there's a rule in the Imperium that the Church may not have men under arms. In true dickish fashion they get around this by having Sisters of Battle as their army.

But where does that leave Inquisitors and their not always female retinues? Is there some other loophole or is it a matter of smaller forces not counting?

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>Playing Deathwatch, recovering a lost artifact from a feudal world
>Guarded by a bunch of loonies who believe themselves to be the Custodes and the artifact the Emperor
>Someone has told them that we are daemons here to take the Emperor away from them (the last bit is technically true)
>Try to talk them down, fail, re-enact the scene from Iron Man with the terrorists: let them fire first, give them a couple seconds, go "My turn," purge them all with holy prometheum
>Eventually only the leader and one other guy are alive, charge with their bayonets
>Ignore the mook entirely, not even looking to his direction as his blade tinks against my armor, grab the leader's bayonet from air
>Tell him that if he's the Custodes, then we're the Primarchs
>"My name is Roboute Guilliman, and these are Leman Russ and Lion El'Johnson. We are all very displeased to have been fired upon when returning home. Who has been spouting lies about us?"

How fucked am I if the boys back home hear I impersonated the Spiritual Liege?

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I've all ways found Spess marines a bit BRO...tastic, for me

Wher as IG Everyone's so scared they want to run home crying, yet the second they so much as wink *BLAM* executed for cowardice
also I can act out scripts in a British general's voice.

but sir the bunker was destroyed
*BLAM* executed for desertion

Way I see it Astartes are the fist, they strike out and meet the foe like for like.
I,G are the shield they hold the line until, they all die. buying valuable seconds for the Heavy Ordnance to arrive.

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That is NOTHING.
Count the skulls in this one.

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A player in the game I'm running, an avid roleplayer who likes to get in character and do zany stuff, is sad because Deathwatch does not allow him to get IC, being apparently only about shooting things to death.

How do I roleplaying opportunities in Deathwatch?

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Hmm. On second thought, let's leave this for the Guard. Who's up for coffee?

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The inquisition has arrived to remove that piece of shit art from the thread!

For the emperor!

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ITT: Character types you seem to gravitate to or simply love to play.

I'll start.

>Knowledge is Power, hide it well.

I really, really, REALLY like to play the mage or psyker who wants to know everything while at the same time hide it from the general masses.

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Lets see some army lists and how you've done with them. Wins, losses, stories preferred.

Also, do any of you play in tournaments or campaigns?

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