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its just difficult to get other people in my social group excited enough to learn the rules as i am the only one into the fluff

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Rolled 8

ill do this then, on a 20 ill stop

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Sup /tg/

My group pretty much only plays D&D. After many years I've grown a little tired of the system and in my desperation to try ANYTHING different, I've decided that I now must take matters into my own hands. I've player for almost 13 years, but never GM'd.

As I love 40k, I thought to try and run Dark Heresy, Pretty much no one else in the group knows the 40k setting so I figured that would be the easiest to introduce new people to, and maintain a low power level.

Now I've downloaded all the books and started to get familiar with the rules. But I thought to ask, as a first time GM what should I do to prepare? Should I keep it game with only the core book, or are there some supplements that are must have? Also, what adventure or campaign books should I run? I'm not sure if some are better than others. Also, any advice in general?

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You came to the wrong Imperium motherfucker.

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epic song with 40k montage

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this looks pretty awesome man! great work.
i'd like to run a deathwatch campaign using it would i be able to run percentages based games through it/

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How about some double pauldrons?

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does anyone have a pic or pdf link of the new allies matrix or any info on how the allies system will work in the 6th ed?

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My Imperial face?
MY Imperial face?
You walked into the wrong motherfucking neighborhood, heretic.

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I might be remembered from before hand, I might not as it has been almost a year since my last thread, so here is a quick summary.

Yes I am really a GW manager

No I won't tell you who I am or what store I'm from, other than I'm in the a UK based store

I'll answer every question I'm asked, if I somehow miss your question, just point it out and I'll get around to it.

Someone saved part 2 and 3 on sup tg so here are the links


My tripcode might not be the same, as I'm not sure i can remember what it originally was.

So with that in mind, have at it, it's 5am in the morning here, my neighbor have woken me up and I can't get back to sleep. What do you want to know?

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>Imagine a story, whether it's a group of friends taking over a city, or tragic heroes taking their revenge on uncaring gods
>Only, the characters of this story are the people with you, their decisions ruled by rolls of a dice
>The story is fluid, and completely dependent on the actions of said characters
>Like a film, or a book, only you've personal influence on what's going to happen
>Kind of like that, only more entertaining than any book or film you've ever seen

How do you describe TT gaming to the uninitiated, /tg/? What were the results?

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Chaos is defeated, the Tyranid invasion has bee repulsed, the...what were those blue guys in the Titus Gulf again, Two, Tau, something like that. Either way, they're gone. The Eldar have all either joined us in our glorious crusade or been crushed before us.

The Emperor is with us again, the Webway is ours, and we have begun traveling to other galaxies in order to conquer more, all in his name.

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ITT: we learn that 40k is biggest not because of rules, but thanks to customization, huge background, plastic models, and zero encouragement given to assholes.

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Sup /tg/,

Im looking to put together a new Warhammer 40k army which utilizes different primers and paints than what I currently have. Although in the past I have used Citadel, I am looking for a cheaper route this time around. Any suggestions?

I'm looking to piece together a Grey Knights army, and expand on my Orcs. Anything that avoids GW is great.

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A Space Marine is metahuman, with 2 hearts, fused chest and acid spite and far stronger than an human.

This means the primarchs had all these perks too since SM are based on their genes?

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Do you like the "modern" 40k lore or you miss the old days? You think the lore is getting better or worse?

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