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I am still 100% convinced that TOW will give CoS more shit. There is too much art of regular cannons for them NOT to get new cannons at some point. The mentioning of Witch Hunters but their disappearance is weird. Steam Tanks remained but that's because you don't HAVE to put the Karl Franz shit on it I believe, while the War Altar had to have it. So it's removing mentions of Karl Franz. But Witch Hunter doesn't make sense other than it doesn't sell and was resin. The alternative is that GW is gonna make some new stuff for CoS and AoS only. But since CoS is just a mix of culled lines, Dwarfs and Empire in WHFB makes sense to expand. Same with regular Orcs and Goblins. However Wood Elves, Dark Elves and High Elves are obviously unlikely to get stuff because they have alternatives... well maybe not Wood Elves. Then again, where does Kislev work into AoS? Do we just say they're a surviving civilisation or what? Or do they become part of CoS and just so happen to be in every city? Seems unlikely ice ladies would be in the warm city, I know that realm of fire isn't all fire and there is snow but they'd be based in Hammerfall Aqshy I assume. Either way, I think Devoted should be expanded the most. Imagine rich guys who are super into Sigmar but not SCE material (I assume new SCE are made still?) buy expensive armour and weapons and go and charge off. Or make giant altars for orators. Or Sisters of Sigmar coming back.

But that's for a faction we dunno what GW is doing with. I assume next faction is Malerion's shit and I assume that is it. Or I hope. Then GW expands FS, IDK, LRL, OBR and Ironjawz. Then update Skaven and Seraphon. Oh and a new god damn Beastlord. It's so small. I don't care if you guys hate bigger models but it is an alphabeast that is the same size as Gors. It should be similar in size to a Doombull or Bullgors.

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ta lad, you too or morning

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>human AoS fans
>Beastmen GW

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