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Sure and good it goes in theory, but once married she doesn't have to treat me with respect anymore, she can beat me or do whatever she likes. No more "Oh handsome object of mine hearts desire, your splendor is without equal!", instead it's "Quiet Man! Women are talking! *slap*"

And as previously mentioned, this would entirely fit her characterization.

Any romancing I do has to be done carefully. Once married, boom, re-roll character.

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Some spice.

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Prove to me that this art is shit, and I'll delete the thread.

I wonder if you have the ability to prove the impossible.

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Man, I LOVE Caspar David Friedrich.

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huh? wut?

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>not 40k image but still cool

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Local store owner pushes hard core 40k WYSIWYG tournament if not king of tournament rules on armies for 40k.
>Fewer and fewer people play 40k there.

I wanted to dive into fantasy (which is the store owners main game, he hates 40k but will never admit it). So yeah, I wanted a "The Hun" style wood elf force with archers on horses. He enforces his own version of a fair system which is complicated and perverse. (Anyone who makes an army with what I had in mind ends up considering it A class, where people can just up and say your a fucking cheap asshole in a nice way and not play you, thus wasting your money trying to find games)

That blew over. He's also the type that does not sell AoBR sets because most of the 40k players convert a lot. He also puts guilt trips on people who come in with new models he does not remember selling to them. (He keeps a fucking record on every single individual, even those who pay with cash only)

Hard ass extremist... How I wish I could rub it in his face. But alas, he is god and all of his employees are the people who's houses are open for gaming outside the store. Anything goes on, he pushes his little red button and the person is OUT.

Fucking lame ass store owners that governs all gaming you could possibly go to.

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