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The Boss guy resurrects us with no penalties, and this is where the GM pulls out an eight page box text dialogue speech. Apparently my character has lines in it too. I interject whenever I speak with "I say what now?" "What he said." "God! I sound like a douche!"

The humor doesn't last. I start drifting off into fitful sleep. When the speech ends, I wake with a start and a horrible realization... Like a bad M. Night Shymalamawhatever movie, I was the GM PC all along!

long story short, that GM took rail roading to a new level or hell.

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>They're not going to hit in different places if you set both of them to fire with one pull of the trigger
Are you sure?

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Pretty much this

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It's alright Uwe, none of the other guys let me play with them anymore. We should start our own group.

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What if the Tau's policy of the Greater Good is a veneer that lies over a highly rigid caste society ruled by an elite who control the population with pheromones?

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How do I do INTRIGUE, /tg/?

My players are all nobles jockeying for position in an empire whose emperor is on his deathbed. I was intending for them to get drawn in to the various machinations of different factions all wanting to install their puppet as the next emperor, but I'm having trouble coming up with cool plots and conspiracies for them to foil, join or get manipulated by.

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That could only be worse if the aliens were actually violently allergic to water, to the extent of physically melting, and still decided to land on Earth despite it being a water rich planet.

I don't know what kinda retard would try to make that shite fly ... oh ...

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I see 33 dollars...oh you meant Canada.

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>Only to find "FUCK YOU FAG" along with lines around my car, keyed deeply into my paint and plastic.

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And by fantasy, you mean the subconscious desires and dreams of an retarded orphan child!

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No, anon, the troll was inside you all along

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You now realize Halloween will be dedicated to Dreadfleet.

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>We know some orks has managed to grow so large that they rival planets in size and have other orks living on them

We know this because /tg/ decreed so, in the Old Time.

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rolled 18 = 18

last night during our DnD session, we got involved in a murder mystery in a small inn in the middle of nowhere. people were being beheaded and their bodies hidden by a doppelganger, and our party (4 people, three humans and a kestrel) was amongst the suspects so we couldn't just ditch the place and leave.
Anyway, after a while there're only 6 people left out of 15, and we are all ready to just take our chances and kill one of them, but as we talk this in the common room, one of our guys slits my throat with a magic dagger (he didn't use daggers) and then goes down fighting the others. i didn't know what the fuck just happened. Turns out the Dm Handed him a note telling him "he was it", and the second half of the night he was playing the doppelganger and his real character was near death thrown outside the building.

just how stupid can people get when trying "new things" is surprising.

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You walk into the BBEG's chamber. It is empty. Suddenly, you realize that you were the BBEG all along.

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>I didn't go in thinking it'd be "OMGTHEBESTTHINGEVER"

That's what saved you. Most people saw the action sequences in the preview, heard there were more, and erroneously assumed it would be a coked-up action movie for 90% of the time. Then it turned out to be more of a psychodrama thingy, and the action sequences after the first two declined rapidly in quality(Mook bashing is pretty boring, and there was plenty of it in the Nazi scene).

Then there was that FUCKING twist ending(that almost everyone suspected, by the way) that was M. Night worthy, goddamn that sucked even if it was obvious.

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Let me guess, as soon as we interface the whole station is going to active its self-destruction sequence.

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This is how I DM.

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They get back to their bodies to find themselves in the middle of a quest. Turns out they are merely copies of the characters consciousness put into a warforged body.

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