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This thread struck me with a campaign idea I'd want to run someday, where there's this big seemingly LG kingdom with a founding history of destroying an evil tyrannical dragon and his empire. Dragons are despised by mankind for some reason I've yet to come up with, probably related to taking virgins and sacrificing them each year to maintain their life-force. Not sure. They’ll have carved up domains and rule with an iron fist, using fear and terror to keep anyone that would oppose them in line, and only truly being challenged by rival dragon contestants. Anyway, the evil dragon that used to rule over the LG kingdom was slain by a legendary hero who became the nation’s high king.
This king started a dynasty that continues on to this day, with a history of just-upright rulers who rule through grace and compassion rather than fear. This large kingdom would be opposed by several other nations still under the thumb of several respective tyrannical dragons, although in recent years these dragons’ dominions have become fewer and fewer, as rebellious peasants and heroes have united to slay their dragon masters. The remaining dragons believe the LG kingdom is somehow responsible for these uprisings, and they have formed a temporary alliance to destroy the kingdom.
The PCs would already be highly respected heroes recruited by the current high king to infiltrate the dragon nations and find a way to overthrow the tyrants whilst nations prepare for war. Begin campaign, with several unique dragons to face down with various themes and personalities. With the use of powerful magic attuned to his bloodline, the king will contact them occasionally, giving advice and insight provided by his royal court. Presumably the PCs will succeed, at least partially, and be granted titles and land in reward for their services. If they don’t get suspicious at all, that’s fine, well done, you’ve saved the kingdom! Hurray! (cont)

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>completely unnecessary

I think you just don't appreciate the genius of the TWEEEEEEEEST!

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If it's censored, how am I supposed to ever see it?

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How about if none of that actually happened, but he believes it really happened?

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OP and the GM are siamese twins!

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Time traveling robots FROM THE PAST

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>M. Night Shyamalan

What a twist!

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Mission control

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What a twist!

I'm interested in those threads. Especially since a lot of what was happening wasn't exactly about STEM but cognitive differences.

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see here>>20953156

This is how I DM

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knows nothing about the setting
Gets trips allowing him access to anything

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>Donating to a for-profit business

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Alpha legion is traitor, Alpharius is mostly dead and Omegon is a grey knight

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Well, the entire campaign takes place in a homebrew low magic steampunk setting.

The world is mostly forested with a megacity covered in smog where people work in heavy labor to keep the city running.

The world was once savage and horrible, William Howard Taft was once the greatest hero, who created all these glorious inventions, a great warrior and scientist basically steampunk Empy.

Then somewhere along the way, Taft became immortal, then he became the BBEG

The city's machines don't make smog naturally, Taft had machines built that makes nothing but smog.

The machines that make smog are countered by the machines that clean the air, and there are always less than there are to make the smog

The woods aren't not normally filled with monsters, some of the factories in the city build mechanical monsters to keep people in the city

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But what if he is right?

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It's directly lifted from /v/.

>warrior, rogue, mage
>mage, warrior, rogue

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By the way, something about earth

>Snakes that hide camouflaged that can murder you with a single bit in minutes
>Jellyfish that can murder you from a single sting in minutes
>Giant carnivorous fish and cephalopods living in the ocean alongside these creatures
>Bears that are strong enough to rip trees from the ground
>Wolves that stalk you and hunt in packs
>Tigers that can perform spinal surgery with their teeth
>Swarms of flying insects that can murder you and will chase you for miles
>insects that lay their eggs in you that can eat your brains and organs from the inside out
>Giant lizards that lie in the waters edge and wait to grab you and drown you, their bite is so full of pathogens you'd die within days of getting bit
>Millions of deadly and venemous insects no larger than your finger
>Fish that swim up your urethra and shoot poisonous barbs

>Water that is full of bacteria and pathogens that can make you shit yourself to death
>Plants who's fruit is enough to kill you in minutes of ingesting

>Lakes that can boil you alive
>entire stretches of land that are nothing but inhospitable desert
>millions of dangerous viruses and diseases

Your face when you realize Earth could be a deathworld. We have just fought and scienced it into submission.

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Shyamalan, god of the unexpected.

His followers call themselves the Spanish Inquisition.

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You fail to see how Stone is the Master.

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This actually isn't bad. OP's character seems unstable enough.

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Who's writing this garbage!?

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