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Ram that range up by another 36", Strength by... 2 at least, AP3, rolls 2D6 for armour penetration... TWIN LINKED FOR HER PLEASURE, no wait TRI - LINKED
Pic semirelated

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Weapons thread. Guns, blades, polearms, whatever kind. Modern, sci-fi, or historical. As long as it looks cool, post it.

Go wild.

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bump for op

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/k/, reporting in.

This is a real weapon, but I could see it being the brainchild of some crazy gnome.

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Badges of the Oathbound Posse: 7 badges of silver consecrated with the blood of a legendary sheriff. When a group of people make a vow to accomplish a noble task together (protect this town from bandits, hunt down the head of an outlaw gang) the badges confer several effects while they are worn. Members of the group may communicate with each other telepathically 3/day and may "borrow" the unique skills of a fellow posse member 1/day. So long as all bandges are within a half mile of each other, the posse's guns never run out of bullets.

Cogwort's Versatile Bandoleer: Contains bullets of every shape and size which mystically replenish themselves when one is drawn. The bandoleer always has the exact ammo needed for the gun of its wearer and it's wearer's posse, and the wearer instinctively picks the ones he needs without having to search through the bullets.

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That's all folks!
Thanks for rolling. Hope somebody saved one or two things.

Now I'm troubled. But that shall be my concern.

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Hey, /tg/ I am now making a game for my fellows, in which all of them are gunslingers in a high-tech wild west setting (think Vampire Hunter D).

Instead of choosing character per se, they will choose the gun they want to use. That's right- characters will be written around weapons. Those are some really badass and unique guns you see.

Let me have your most awesome handgun designs- real or not.

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A tri-barreled revolver with the voice of Reuben Langdon.
Shit'd get crazy pretty fast.

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ZOMG cannon

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Sup /tg. I've been dying to get out of the fantasy realm for awhile and get my mitts on a set of good gun rules. What's the best ruleset for satisfying, crunchy gun-fights? Is it...

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is an idiot, Le mat is not illegal. does not shoot more than once per trigger pull. it's stupid expensive for a blackpowder revolver tho

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you know that triple barrel is just amazingly stupid.
Still, 3 shots? who can argue?

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Is that border design starting to make anyone else's eyes hurt, or is it just me?

<---Also, here's another /k/lassic.

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الله أكب indeed. We are all one under His monocled gaze.

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fuck year

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