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By the time you get good enough for army choice to matter, the meta will likely have changed. Go with what you like the look/feel of. Trust me on this.

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Not doing anything on it at this very minute (getting ready to head over to a mate's place). But
>Civ 40k.
>At the sub-sector scale
>Command whole systems

Still waaaay in alpha, but progressing slowly. Expect the next update next week.

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All of the new types (save for Transports) are ground units, representing armies of the regular 40k forces. They will all have movement 0, and rely on transports to ship them from system to system. Initially they will work much like other units, but I intend to create methods so that multiple ground units can occupy the same tile, and will only fight when ordered to, with winning battles causing a change in control (See 1.3.6 Control (Culture) on p5).
Infantry are the core ground units. They will have movement 0 but will be able to be shipped around by Transports (as will all ground units). A balanced type with no notable weaknesses or strengths.
Armoured units will be tough and resilient, however they will also be expensive to create. They will be useful to cause Collateral Damage against other ground units.
Mechanised units will be tough and resilient like armoured units, and will also be expensive. Expect mechanised units to have first strikes against other ground units.
Artillery units will be fragile, however they will also be capable of massive collateral damage. Also, they will add to the attacking strength of other units in their stack.
Superheavy units will be able to defend against space units, and will make a mockery of all other units. They will be extremely expensive to create, and without support will be taken down by hordes of cheaper, disposable units. Superheavies will also be targetable from space
Characters will be a more detailed set of Great General equivalents. Will give specific upgrades as well as extra prestige/upgrades for the unit.
Aerial units will be used to harass other unit types, by taking advantage of very high withdrawal chances.

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Sup /tg/?

I've been messing around with modding Final Frontier (a Civ IV modpack, for Civ IN SPAAACE) and thought that a 40k mod of it wouldn't be impossible. What would *you* as appreciators of 40k and Civ (moreso then /v/idya anyhow) like to see in a mod like this?

So far I have:
IoM and Admech as new Civs (was quick and easy to do, these didn't need much work at all).

I plan to add:
-All the factions as playable. Always agressive civs will be set so that any unit can attack at any time, regardless of war/not war, similar to privateers.
-Replace the normal space features with more 40k specific ones
-Add events, etc. for more 40k theme.
-Ground formations units, which won't be able to leave the system without hitching a ride on. . .
-Transport type units

Other Potential Ideas/WiP Concepts:
-Reduce the amount of research drastically. Set it so that you have the tech if not the infastructure, to build most units from the start. To gain beakers, the players will hunt for STCs?
-Remove Tech Tiers, instead have building tree for unit creation.
-Replace Tech with requisitioning from other sectors?

Anyhow, what does /tg/ think?

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Not very well at all.

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