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Major; Graphic Design

favorite setting; I really like 40k. Been at it for.. well, almost two decades

wargame; Gothic or Infinity

not wargame; Probably magic the gathering. Did the Pro Tour once, but interest waned after that. Haven't played since.. fifth dawn? Darksteel?

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Man, GW's skirmish games always rock

why do they toss them to the wayside so easily? It frustrates me

>buying my space boat armada soon. Found a group locally, shit is cash

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ok space marine strike cruisers. it counts

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"Mr. Montego"

"Yes, Lord-Captain?"

"Ramming speed."

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Google has no results :(

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I don't see a BFG thread anywhere, and this game needs a lot more exposure. Anyone have stories, fleet lists, advice, or anything else they'd like to share related to BFG?

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Lol, just got asked to make a 3,000 point list

How's it look?
3,000 List:
2x Battle Barges: (Master of the fleet (3 re-rolls), Terminator boarding party) (975pts)
8x Strike Cruisers (1160pts)
10x Hunter Class Destroyers (400pts)
9x Nova Class Frigates (500pts)

Total 2995

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Aren't most if not all Imperial vessels designed with "RAMMING SPEED! BRACE FOR BOARDING ACTIONS!" in mind as a legitimate tactic.

Hence the 'fuck you' prow on the end of what looks like a unsettlingly phallic rapetrain?

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A perennial favorite.

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That's actually listed as a -30, I believe, reduced because the Explorator has Lore (Archaeotech). -10 or -20, I believe.

I think I will make it a step- maybe two- easier, though. Otherwise, it is rather offscaled.
My problem with the Explorator's upgrades and acquisition tests seems to take root in the fact that they are always seeing their acquisition opportunities as "Get more weapons" and "Get more gear". Obviously that's what they're for, but it just doesn't feel right to me to have them busy hoarding and hunting down the best weapons as the sole use of their Acquisition Tests.

Also, I've been telling them that they basically have anything like a hell pistol or more common; grenade launcher, hellgun, frag and krak grenades, etc. seem like things they ought to have on their ship. Does this sound reasonable?

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I love Space Combat!

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you know, at times i sit and wonder who clicks on 4chan's banner adds.

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You are transported to the 40k universe complete with all your knowledge of it. You are also the unopposed leader of the Imperium. You are backed 100% by all the major organizations.

What do you do to make Humanity the most powerful species in the galaxy?

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