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So, who are the lost Primarchs?

One's Malal, the other's a woman

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It's funny how the two redacted legions were cooked up in order to make them into yourdudes, but actually doing so is considered faux pas

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They wont (hopefully) be revealed. GW is following Tolkien's way with Bombadil here who was an enigma, and is much more interesting when his origins aren't fully explained

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Explain what is going on in this image from a fantasy RPG perspective.

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Kill all dragons.

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Yes? Dragons are a good source of magical reagents, and a good injun uses every part of the buffalo.

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A dragon has gained the power to lay eggs of whatever it wants. So it laid a maid-knight egg. The maid-knight's older sibling is taking a look at her.

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The knight got stuck in the maids body by a dragons curse, the dragon will undo the curse, but in exchange the knight maid must recover items of the dragons hoard.

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>lgs sells something
>look up the same thing on my phone
>you can buy it online for 10-15% off
>"support your local game store"

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I'm unironically like this and that's a good thing, m'lady.

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>lost/scam items
you pay for immediacy, also you have someone to go to if you have a problem with the product

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The casualness with which (US)Brits treat knives, like a commodity to be consoomed, is bizzare and terrifying to me.
>inb4 pansy afraid of knives
I live and grew up in a conflict ridden zone and I've had weapons training and knives are all around me in daily life. But still, the way you're describing this place, like it's a fucking toy store, and the fact you're posting this in relation to a thread about LGS which ARE actual toy stores, is terrifying and bizarre to me.

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In Australia it's closer to 25-40% more expensive in stores.

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well you gotta deal with the poisonous spider hazard pay so that makes sense.

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Saw a thread on Goblin PCs the other day, so let's go for a round 2.

Tell us stories about your Goblin PCs, and all the shit they pulled in games.

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Can you please post that system? Where can we find more info on it please? Also, do you have any more pictures like that please?

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>the world itself is willing to empower your party to help them in their task if they give up their afterlife and serve it forever
Would they accept?

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Sorry, are you like angry at my misspelling,
>Fate/stay night
Or, are you like a very angry Touhou-fan that hates Fate (or what it became to be now)?

Just curious.

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Not that anon, but
GO is not really that good (a lot of fault lie in the newer fans), writing it like that imply a lot of bad things
> GOkek
> SIkek
> My pain multiplying

Anyway, Stay Night is more suitable for a tt campaign. GO is just materialism

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I can sympathize. Even though I was there 80% for the porn, I feel the pain too when a doujin-circle shillsout their soul for profit at the app-market.

>the world itself is willing to empower your circle to help them financially, if they give up their creative independence and shill for the CEOs forever.

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That was almost literally my wizard's goal. Invent a Good-aligned version of lichdom and keep fighting evil forever. The campaign was canceled due to unrelated shit, but the DM said he had a system ready for me once I discovered the method. Would have been cash money.

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I really just hate GOshit and what a farce it’s made of the franchise.

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I’m about to run Curse of Strahd and was looking for some tips.
>Party: creation bard (drow), divination wizard, vengeance paladin, horizon walker ranger (yuan-ti), draconic sorcerer
>rest are humies
>Decent locations for items?
>Good allies?
>Krezk or Barovia for starting location?
>Good encounter ideas?
>Additional monsters that could be added?

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>Now that player just thinks all Barovians are racist
That's not exactly untrue Barovia is based like that, fuck any retcons

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To be fair, most of their experience with outsiders is thieving gypsies and funny-looking adventurers who die all the time

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I think that weird monster people can be scared like anyone else, "humans only please" is kind of a relic of an idea.

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>>Party: creation bard (drow), divination wizard, vengeance paladin, horizon walker ranger (yuan-ti), draconic sorcerer

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this is actually pretty tame for my group. More than one human and only one non-core race

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>DM uses a lot of great music during the game
>gives everyone a thumbdrive with all the songs at the end of the campaign like a soundtrack collection

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Does anyone know what these are called? I am drawing a blank for some literature i'm writing and I felt that /tg/ is the only place that could answer this question.

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>I would say that white nationalists are real threats.
LUL, they're only thing keeping you alive and free to type on your computer right now retard.

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How lmao

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>he believes in 'the road to heaven'

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I thought he was dutch

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Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legion

Star Wars Roleplaying Games (d6/d20/FFG)

Other FFG Star Wars tabletop (Imperial Assault, Destiny and the LCG)

Old links

Non-Metallic Metals Edition

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>missing the joke that hard
Anon please...

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The NR and extragalactic alien thing wasnt unreasonable. Literally no one had truly forseen the Vong except vague allusions that Palpy maaay have. Besides the NR had already dealt with extragalactic aliens and already had a standing military, its not like they were the nuNR

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>But could not the same be said for organics
Only if you produce brain-dead clones for Palpatine body-surfing. A droid chassis without a brain is like a meatbag without a functioning brain. A meatbag that has gone feral is more comparable to a droid that has been thrown into the wild with only the most basic animal-level programming and no mind-wipes/software updates for years.

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Would it help both you tards if that was Ewan fugging his lines and that his actual line was "Only the Sith deal in SUCH absolutes". Only it was late in the day, people were tired and either nobody caught it or nobody fucking cared by that point.

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<a href="https://cse.google.com/url?q=https://www.pubglounge.com/">PUBG Mobile</a>

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Why the pic is Luffy? Dude is a lot of things, Lawful is explicitly not one of them

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Lawful in this context doesn't mean you obey the law

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This is the dumbest post, and it gets even dumber when you realized that the person who posted it has no idea how stupid he is.

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I love it when people refuse to actually argue the point so they just call the other person stupid instead.

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Luffy is there to represent the emotional journey of the three stages outlined. He is a visual metaphor and nothing else.
The first is a look of shock to represent the discovery of not needing to stay strictly to being a decent human being, that you can indulge in evil.
The second is loathing to represent the hatred of LG and how it's supposedly too restrictive for your oh-so-mature character.
The third is grinning in triumph, the look of a man who has discovered that only the best type of character to run is that of the true hero, the man who embodies the triumph of Good and Law.

That you cant understand this baffles me, at least if your intent is true and isn't just a remarkably thin veil to talk about /anime/ shit on the /traditional games/ board.

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>being so dumb you need people to explain to you how dumb you are

You're not here to learn. You're here to say dumb things and be laughed at.

Try reading the OP again WITHOUT your head up your ass. If you can make an actually intelligent post after that, finding the basic flaws in your own stupid, and-one-more-time-for-emphasis-stupid-post, there might be hope for you yet.

Protip: OP's second error is the same one you've embedded into your brain, a flawed perception of alignment that stops you from seeing how good or useful it can be.

Grow the fuck up and stop being stuck in your "I hate everything just because D&D does it" phase already.

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I wanna hear about all the most awful and horrifying creatures that have ever crawled, slithered, or crept into your game sessions or imaginary game sessions. Post insanity draining nightmare fuel to traumatize investigators. Bonus points if you actually have a place of origin or explanation for what they're doing and why they exist.

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I just want to see some disturbing shit jesus fucking christ.

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I win.

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Nice try faggot. Whore out your girlfriend on the street if you want to make a somewhat honest living.

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Fuck you and your prostitute mother, can't have shit nowadays without somebody coming in and fucking it up.

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Not exactly A-grade, but in a game of Pathfinder I did have a Kyton who had been summoned to torture this group of rebels for all eternity. He loved his work and was really getting it down to an art form. He had basically removed a guy's skin and most of his non-essential organs and limbs and was keeping him alive through magic and well-timed electrical shocks. Of course the GM had a heart beating sound effect going through the whole encounter.

Worst part is, we never killed the Kyton or saved the guy, we just got the hell out of there. The more good party members felt pretty shit about that, even my lawful evil character thought it was going too far.

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>OFFICIAL Commander website, where you can learn the rules, see the current banlist, and read the format philosophy, laid down by the rules committee:

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen color identity.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck strategy and card choices.


>How do I proxy cards?

>Thread Question
Give us your hottest, edh hot take

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that was easily one of the dumber bans

>> No.78022198

All of them were dumb

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but like, I can at least see where they were coming from with invoke, not saying that it wasn't dumb, but I can see why
cleanse I have no idea beyond pic related

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I know what you mean

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Would you?

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If it was female and had a vageen small enough for my peen maybe. I wouldn't die for it, but it wouldn't be a terrible way to die.

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Not a grimlock so no

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>he talks to his players
KYS your self immediately if you do this

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I don't talk TO my players. I talk OVER them.

>> No.78018185

>acknowledges your players even exist
KYS your self immediately if you do this

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>communicating visually

If you can't communicate exclusively by smell, get the fuck out of my group.

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Talking is for girls and birds, real men express their feelings and thoughts through the art of dance.

>> No.78018453

Knowing /tg/ these days, it's a guarantee that there's someone here who actually believes this.

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>PC has a sword, horse and heavy armor
That's very unrealistic, how could a commoner ever afford them? and if they somehow found them then why are not they selling them to buy a huge farm or live in luxury (by non-noble standards) for several generations?
They are the equivalent of thousands of years of a peasant wage...almost everyone would want to steal them and PCs wouldn't survive without the protection of a noble...and if they do then why isn't the lord requiring the PC to be his vassals and knights?

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>how could a commoner ever afford them?
With the 100 odd gold he spent on it

>why would he not sell it
because 100 gold is nothing

>how could he survive
AC 18 and high HP, meanwhile peasants are HD 1d4.

>why isnt the lord requiring the PC to be his vassal
because the PC has 18AC and hits three times per turn at +7

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Yeah, its the payoff for risking your life at literally every step. If you can get ahold of even a few silver, you can get the basics, get some loot, and then get paid.

>> No.78017962

The only reason why commoners are more prevalent as PC is because of burger culture. If you realize, most classic stories have members of the high class as protagonists. The most realistic thing you should do is have all the PC be members of the nobility, or rich merchants at least.

>> No.78017964

>playing a commoner


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Virgin Reddit tier historical accuracy VS Chad imaginative fantasy world

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hey guys, I got a 5e game I'm joining tomorrow and I'm thinking to roll a wizard.

any ideas on how to build a level 1 wiz in a unique, fun, or interesting way?

I'm not too bothered about being super "effective" in game, fun is probably more important.

>crazy character ideas thread i guess?

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“Wobniar the Rainbow Warrior”

He’s a Gnome wizard with a multicolored Mohawk that only takes rainbow-themed spells.

>> No.78018308

Specializes in ray magic
Addicted to prestidigitation
Color spray is his middle name

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Edric the Weird, was once an up and coming wizard who dabbled in potion making, heavily drinking ale and whiskey in life. until one day in a drunken stupor he concocted a vile brew which ended his life. but his natural magical abilities kept him from passing, and thanks to the circumstances of his death is always tipsy. Now he spends his days making alchohol when he can dispite not being able to consume it, the liquid seeming to dissipate when poured down his mouth.

>> No.78018973

>Variant Human
>Tough Feat
>Take melee spells

Level 1 isn't going to provide much opportunity to make a unique wizard. And wizards aren't exactly the most diverse class to begin with

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What is your thoughts on the combat wheelchair. Personally think its pretty dumb and unnecessary

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Any character with enough money would be a fool not to get one. Twice I've brought in characters to one-shots with modified wheelchairs basically as an exercise to show other DMs why they shouldn't be so quick to allow homebrew. The battering ram mod paired with sharpshooter is particularly obvious, you'll always have half cover. Why would you not do this?

>> No.78019248

I didn't see anything saying that a mount can't use the chair. The chair can count as a mount, but there's nothing stopping a literal fucking horse from being sat in a chair custom built for their size. Using the self propulsion variant, which has no intelligence score requirement, by the way, a beacon stone can be created so the horse can move the chair and use any of its upgrades telepathically without needing to maintain concentration. With the horse in control of the chair, they can fully benefit from it as long as its piss-easy requirements for upkeep are maintained, and those rules in particular are explicitly listed as optional. Because the chair can also be included in a character's background, you can get the fucking thing for free.
Here's where things get really good. Horses, as you know, can typically be mounted by warriors in full armor and weapons. Have someone who knows the "find steed" spell; 2nd level conjuration, by the way. This spell summons an intelligent, strong, and loyal steed that understands one of the caster's languages and can be communicated with telepathically. Strap your horse in the chair, and attune the beacon stone to follow their will. Because you can communicate telepathically with them, you can direct them however you wish, too.
And now we jump the shark. Mount your horse, because horses can be mounted. Your horse, who has telepathic access to the chair's abilities and upgrades, and can't even be knocked out of it because of the seatbelt, will be able to use all of its toys at your mental beck and call. With all of the mobility options, you can go literally anywhere without penalty. With your ranged weapon or reach weapon, you have another option on top of all the things your horse can do. You and your horse will be an unstoppable machine.

>> No.78019297

right, so they've went from utterly indestructable, to requires three consecutive crits to destroy? Somebody's having a massive cripple fantasy wank over this.

>> No.78019539

As opposed to a regular fantasy wank? IE when OP role plays as a buff barbarian instead of a limp-wrist faggot?

>> No.78020512

Meh ... whatever. Not going to allow what is basically a RARE magic item for that cheap of a price.

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Why are ghosts so underrated nowhadays when compared to vampires, zombies and liches?

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if only you knew how full life consequences really are

>> No.78034143

Less a portrayal and more a metaphysical explanation, but I like how ghosts as a whole are done in the urban fantasy web serial Pact, where ghosts are not lingering spirits but rather psychic imprints of suffering that only retain a fraction of the awareness, vitality, etc. of the person who has passed (note: the original does not necessarily have to be dead for a ghost to form). They can "attack" by causing individuals in the vicinity to experience an echo of the sensations and sentiments that caused their creation (e.g. the person slowly froze to death, so victims of the ghost will temporarily experience a sensation of cold accompanied by a sense of dwindling hope, losing manual dexterity throughout). These echo attacks can kill through psychosomatic means under the right circumstances. Also, if one has a means of pushing magical power into the ghost, it can be shored up such that it's basically a complete psychological copy of the original.

>> No.78034479

>Why are ghost underrated
They are not, they're just not as much on the public wave of consciousness. Vampires & Zombies get major productions several times every decade for the last several decades in the public view via movie theatres, cartoons, and vidya games. Liches aren't a local specialty, but they are a common consideration here on /tg/ so they likewise have plenty of support and have numerous incarnations and famed examples to draw from.

Meanwhile, ghosts are old as fuck but getting a contemporary example that isn't either lost in a gallery of monsters or monsterous-depictions is a challenge, and when you Do see them they're iconic or fameous enough on their own right that you see the specific incarnation more than you see Ghost.

Off hand, public attention to ghosts is mainly
>Recent video games about modern "Ghost Hunters" largely played up as a joke rather than taken seriously.
>Ghostbusters remake.
>Caspar the Friendly Ghost.
>Maybe a couple shlock horror movies, but nothing terribly memorable.

So not so much underrated as not getting the same level of attention. There's still thousands of options for them in /tg/ related things both as adversaries and as PCs or even BBEG options.

Hell, D&D has a setting called Ghostwalk that is obviously entirely centered around ghostly characters and concepts. Haven't seen it get an update in a couple of editions but if we see a spike in Spooky Ghost content in modern media it's a sure bet WOTC would dust that off for 5e.

>> No.78034504

Oh, and a final note:

The Ocean House Hotel is a great example of how a ghost can hold its own in a scene covered in Vampires and the like.

>> No.78035445

People have lost the spiritual mindset and any sense of morality and guilt that stories of ghosts would induce and appeal to in favour of a more materialistic and mechanical understanding of the world. A tragic tale of a soul in despair in purgatory coming back to haunt the living to gain peace is not something our generation would look at with reverence or fear.

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Fey Folk Edition

>NEW UA: Fey Folk
>Previous UA: Gothic Lineages

>5e Trove


>Stable releases


>Previous thread: >>78012863

TQ: Should I just ban all UA?

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this thread came out on page 5 too and you hopped on no problem.

>> No.78023508

Here you go.

>> No.78023517

You forgot your meme arrow

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File: 225 KB, 1378x775, ...THEN I SMASHED HER HEAD IN, LIKE THIS!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit. Whatever, I'm sure the next bugbear/furry/scalie thread will fix it for you.

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My entire campaign is made up of stolen shit, do those count as references?

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For thousands of years the continent of Urop has been a morass of petty fiefdoms and decadent empires. Peasants toil in the mud fields, tending to their pitiful harvests of shitroot and greedily hunting the large, fat worms which nest below the ground, when they aren't being slaughtered by the wolf swarms or killed by one of the many great plagues sweeping the lands. The rural communities are insulated inbred villages ruled by cruel local lords who practice prima noctis with every marriage, supported by their brutish knights in full harness who only maintain the barest respect towards chivalry in favor of abusing their power. The cities are sweltering dens of sickness and crime, where every guard can be bribed and anyone could stab you in the back. The north is filled with blood-thirsty berserkers in horned helmets and fur pelts who raid the coasts while the scorching deserts of the south host competing city-states of even more depravity and decadence than the greatest (if such a word could be applied in this truly grim and dark world) of Urop's capitals. Foul, always-evil sorcerers mutate men and beasts into horrible monsters or whisper into the ears of decrepit, senile kings.

This is the world of GrimFuck Fantasy. Can you find a modicum of happiness in a world that is as contrivedly shitty as humanly possible?

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Doesn't matter what the government calls their ideology, if they steal from those who work to prop up criminals and druggies they're commies

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>I don't know what communism is.

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>if they steal from those who work to prop up criminals and druggies they're commies
That's the most retarded definition of Communism I've ever heard

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That's what communism is in practice. What they say they are doesn't matter, only what they do

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>communism is anything I want it to be.

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